Best 2-player co-op team?

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User Info: Kasceis18

7 years ago#1
My cousin and I are getting this game tomorrow to play some system link xbox, so we each got our own big hdtvs and xbox360s. We were wondering what a good 2-player team would consist of? Also, we don't know much about the character classes, so a quick run-down on each of them would be good too.

Also, any other advice for a 2-person playthough would be helpful.

User Info: Gabbelgak

7 years ago#2
Me and a friend play together, me as a sniper him as soldier. Worked great did everything but Mad Moxxi's easily (2 playthroughs)

Having one of you pick soldier and get ammo regeneration mods or the skill is such a headache reliever. I would highly recommend one of you pick that. My friend went with lowering the cooldown on the turret as much as possible and it helped alot, you can use it as a distraction to help out.

As for your other class, Sniper was awesome with me and him, I also have a 50 Brick, I'd easily say choose sniper over a Brick. Brick has missile launcher skills and punching skills, the punching stuff is great at low levels but you don't get weapon skill for using it which is a big downer and the screen sort of shakes every time you punch something and makes an annoying explosion sound every time you punch for each player and missile launchers blind person your playing with by creating an explosion they can't see through.

I've only played a Siren up to level 12 and only solo so I can't offer as much advice there. She seems like she would go great with ammo regen since she goes through alot with SMG's. She seems like she would be great in Mad Moxxi's also. Her class mods are more self oriented though, I have seen +team shield capacity though for her.

Sniper, I really like bloodwing but bloodwing doesn't get that good in my opinion til you can stick some skill points into the talents for him. The sniper has a skill that gives you both extra xp for crit kills which is cool while your leveling and then you can switch it out when you max out. I didn't really play with pistols that much could be a fun path to try for him. Sniper rifles worked great though, I'd snipe weakpoints on anything big and take them down fast while he distracted the little stuff.

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User Info: Dranaxscas

7 years ago#3
Since Siren was the only one that was briefed over verrrry lightly, I'll offer some more insight.

In the early levels, the Siren may seem frustrating and consume plenty of ammo (unless paired with the previously suggested ammo regen Soldier, which would, admittedly, be helpful), and her phasewalk may seem subpar. Only in the later levels does she actually become stronger and more fun to play. Phasewalk gives you invisibility, invincibility, increased speed, and "phase blasts" when entering and exiting, for a certain amount of time (depending on your skills; you can add phasewalk time, decrease cooldown, etc), and is useful for moments where you need to get your bearings or move to take cover. If you have the right skills, you can regen your health while phasing, which is very useful for certain builds.

While classes can use any weapon they please, they are usually able to specialize in certain weapons with class mods or skills. Sirens specialize in SMGs (Mercenary class mods add SMG effects), and can dish out mad DPS if done right. Of course, you can still use other weapons, but keep in mind your preferences and if they apply to any particular class.

Personally, I like Siren + Soldier for a 2 player team.
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User Info: Kasceis18

7 years ago#4
So its pretty much givin that we need a soldier in the party.

Either Soldier + Siren or Soldier + Sniper, I'm thinking.

Anymore thoughts on this?

User Info: Enclave108

7 years ago#5
This and Army of Two.
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User Info: Dethuli

7 years ago#6
I co-op my Siren with my buddy who plays a Soldier, and I have to say it usually comes down to me demolishing everything in my path and he just follows behind picking up loot. The best co-op is probably Siren + Siren. If you want more players I suggest Siren + Siren + Siren, or even Siren + Siren + Siren + Siren.
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User Info: Kasceis18

7 years ago#7
So.... Siren is OP?

User Info: Knight2520

7 years ago#8
Siren is built more for soloing stuff than teamwork.
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User Info: Testingtesting6

7 years ago#9
Siren and Hunter are both probably better than the other two. I will say that having a Hunter with Trespass (allows your bullets to ignore shields) is really helpful for some of the later areas of the game.
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User Info: Kasceis18

7 years ago#10
I'm thinking Soldier + Hunter... sound good?
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