How to beat Crawmerax by yourself, without the Hyperion Nidhogg

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User Info: Hammer1000

7 years ago#1
Hey guys, I don't know if this is old news or not but I thought I'd share my strategy of beating Crawmerax easily without the need to find a Nidhogg Rocket Launcher. All that's required for my method is a sniper rifle with good damage and criticals, sniper rifle ammo regen mod (strongly recommended) and a second controller. Start your game by picking split screen, choose your character and assign a character to Player 2. Once you spawn at T-Bone have your character go to Scooters and spawn a Racer, grab the second controller and move Player 2 into the gunners seat of the racer. When in the Racer boost past all your enemies and head to Crawmerax location, you shouldn't have to fire a shot the whole way there. Once inside Crawmerax Lair have Player 2's character stand at the bottom of the elevator, take your character and head up the elevator to face the boss. Once your top-side sprint to the left of Crawmerax and duck behind the small rock wall next to the ledge (the Crawmerax glitch location). Crawmerax and his minions can't harm you from here and you can take all the time you need to shoot all his critical spots on the front of his body. Once all visible critical hit spots are destroyed he should only have a very small amount of health left, the problem is that the last weak spot is on his back which you can't hit from this position. Here's where the second player comes in handy, have Player 2 go up the elevator. Once player 2 is topside take a couple of shots at Crawmerax from behind, you probably won't do any damage but you'll make Crawmerax turn around and face Player 2, now take control over your main character and shoot the weak spot on his back. If you can't finish him before he kills Player 2 don't worry, Player 2 will spawn back in the cave at the bottom of the elevator. Rinse and Repeat and ENJOY THE LOOT.

User Info: oTmB_eh

7 years ago#2
You could still do it solo by moving a foot or two out of the glitched spot and wait until Crawmerax goes underground and pops back up facing away from you, go back into cover, and start shooting him.

But yeah, I'd imagine if anyone was in the glitched spot any method would work for killing him at that point. You have a good strat though.
GT: Optik4
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User Info: covenanthunter1

7 years ago#3
Or use a liquid orion's ricochet to hit his back.

User Info: SuicidalPope

7 years ago#4
I use the co-op strategy just because both my siren and my friends siren or hunter, whichever I use, have +2 FRI mods. Plus, just having a second player in the game means better loot for me.

The only difference in my strategy is I place his character on the opposite cliff side. As long as none of the enemies are close to him, if I duck in time, he's invisible to them as well. Then it's a matter of peeking up, popping off a few shots, then ducking. Makes it more fun if you ask me, especially when Craw spots his guy and makes his way towards him. I know I only have a few seconds to save him and adds time as an obstacle as well but without being too frustrating. =)
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User Info: Hammer1000

7 years ago#5
Good idea's, I never thought about using orion to bounce bullets into him.

User Info: PrinceEm0

7 years ago#6
i did the hiding spot glitch and lobbed the jackal grenade rounds into the air and killed him in one shot. also i dunno if this works but if you use longbow nades, that may get to his spot on the back. but i usually just run around for a bit and run back into my hiding spot .he'll move around and when he does he usually stands still for a few seconds while exposing his back.
GT: PrinceEm0 either 0 or o i forget.
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User Info: tdh917

7 years ago#7
OR, you could start using ANY rocket launcher... Nidhogg and Helix launchers are preferable, since they've got a wider splash damage. Aim down sights at the base of the longest spike, then hip fire the rest of the way. Of course, you'll have to time it when he's not "roaring."

User Info: kazamasan

7 years ago#8
the orion doesn't work. I tried for the longest time and realized that the orion does not splash the bullet but rather the elemental damage. As crawmerax is resistant to electrical damage, the orion is not effective.

User Info: Bigwig_rah

7 years ago#9
Thank you good sir, this trick worked perfectly.

User Info: CsarKel

7 years ago#10
I Know for a fact that the Orion works. I posted that strategy a while back and have personally Killed Crawmerax with it over 50 times.
Gt= Csarkill
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