Okay.. what in the heck? My weapon disappeared...

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  3. Okay.. what in the heck? My weapon disappeared...

User Info: Kasceis18

7 years ago#1
I just beat the Dr. Ned guy at zombie island a few hours ago. He dropped a sweet purple SMG for my siren. I had to go, so now I'm playing again and my SMG is gone.... I'm left with no SMG.. I just bought a REALLY crappy one from the store now...

Why did my weapon disappear? It was a sweet SMG.. now I can't find a good weapon for my lvl 41 siren... what gives?

Also, I just went back to see if I could kill Dr. Ned again... but hes not there, so I guess its a one time deal...

So... what caused this?

User Info: macneto

7 years ago#2
with the new patch i have experienced the new class mods disappearing but never a weapon
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User Info: crsar

7 years ago#3
the new patch was supposed to prevent any weapon or item which stats are non-game-generated possibilities (or so i heard), maybe the items you had were actually modded weapons but seemed legit, i know some of the stuff in my storage disappeared as well, like a penetrator.

if that was not the issue and you are sure your missing items were legit, well, sorry about that man.
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User Info: nnc_slayer

7 years ago#4
maybe the game didn't save, but if i run zombie island on my siren i will let you have the smg he drops

User Info: Kasceis18

7 years ago#5
I'm sure the item was legit... I was playing single player at the time and it dropped off Dr. Ned..

And yeah, whoever said that I could have what dropped on their game, send me a message.

Gamertag: Kasceis

I useing a terrible SMG now... its actually called a CHEAP SMG... nice.. I already sold the other SMG that I was using before I got that purp off Ned cause I got that. Now I got nothing... Any help would be great. Really, I'd just like to have that weapon back...

User Info: nnc_slayer

7 years ago#6
actually since you aren't lvl48 yet i have just the gun for you
lvl31 SV430-B Malevolent Savior(dark orange)
Damage 93
Accuracy 87.2
Fire Rate 14.6
+13 Ammo Regen
+56% Reload Speed
+41% Damage

Shoots a swirl of richochet bullets, and while not the best gun it was my favorite smg for a long time gt SLAY3Rth3PLAY3R if you want it

User Info: SuicidalPope

7 years ago#7
There is a glitch with the SMG that Dr. Ned drops that causes it to become a crappy version of itself with no level requirement after you load up the game again, but I've never heard of it disappearing completely.
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User Info: Kasceis18

7 years ago#8
That really sucks... it was a good weapon too.. what are the chances of getting a good weapon in playthrough 2 or mad moxi?

User Info: WZR_FREAK_Mk113

7 years ago#9
just get a bone shredder...
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User Info: TwilitArchon

7 years ago#10
I have the same problem. Also, when i turned in the final Brains quest (the 250 one) the quest giver (I won't say who for spoilers sake) didn't cough up an item. That pissed me off, so instead of dealing with a respawned zombie hoard running back to town, I just save quit and restarted for a quick port to the New U station. When I restarted, the purple uzi was gone from my equip slot. No weaker version, no nothing. Not a big loss as a Hunter, but it is aggravating as it was a pretty sweet gun.
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  3. Okay.. what in the heck? My weapon disappeared...

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