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User Info: Shaymojack

7 years ago#1
One the white text weapon attributes, such as +56% damage, are these added to the damage listed? As in, if I had a combat rifle with listed 200 damage (base) and an attribute of +56% damage, to find the damage, would I multiply the base by the multiplier? Or is it already present and the listed damage is the actual damage?

User Info: Eternalpride

7 years ago#2
Just eyeballing it, I'm assuming it's not counted in actual damage. For instance, one gun I had was 120 damage and did 200 per shot. Another gun I had of the same class (BR) had 200 damage +56% and did something upwards of 550 per shot.

The math doesn't make much sense when done to me, but I highly doubt just adding 80 damage would quadruple a weapon's damage. >_>;
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User Info: heretic_x_666

7 years ago#3
It is already included in as far as I know. I'm pretty sure the accuracy, damage, and fire rate additions (or subtractions) are included in the numbers the weapon shows you. Otherwise, my Hunter's Hydra, which is already 286 * 10, would be doing ridiculous damage with its +189% damage modifier.
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User Info: pjnelson

7 years ago#4
I'm pretty sure it works like this:

Let's say you have a gun with stats like:
damage - 100
accuracy - 83
rate of fire - 2.1
ammo capacity - 30
+50% damage
+10 magazine capacity

This weapon would deal 100 damage per round rather than 150, because the +50% damage is already factored into that 100. It would also have an ammo capacity of 30 rather than 40, because the +10 is already part of that 30 figure.

Part of the reason I've believed that is by simple side-by-side comparison of like weapons. Early into the game, when holding two basically identical shot guns, I compared their stats. Each would do similar damage and all, but one would fire, for example, five projectiles and the other would fire seven, and the info for the one that fires seven it will include a bonus of +2 projectiles fired. This made it appear that it would have been only five projectiles, but the +2 put it at a total of seven projectiles. So, it wasn't seven projectiles plus two, but five plus two for a total of seven.
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User Info: Beave1

7 years ago#5
They're already included.

The stats in the 5 lines of text are essentially telling you what modifiers the weapon has from the base numbers for that model/type. There are actually people (mostly the hackers) who have figured out each component available for each weapon type and how they affect the different stats. There are different stocks, barrels, clips, even color schemes.

The text is telling you what bonuses you have for this spin of the random weapon generator.

The exceptions are weapons with red text descriptors, the unique/rares. Some of those affect a weapon and the description isn't accurate or the weapon doesn't behave as it should.
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