Max inventory slots? ( Backpack SDU )

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User Info: Person_Man

6 years ago#1
I've been looking around for a definitive answer on this, but there are several conflicting answers, so I have a few questions:

1) What is the maximum amount of inventory slots you can get in both playthroughs, including all 4 DLCs?
I have heard 63, and 72 as answers here, as well as the more confusing answer - 12(start)+30(PT1)+15(PT2)+9(DLCs) = 66 slots.
So which one is it?

2) Does it pose any risk to my save file if I use the "Sign Out" trick to avoid receiving grenade upgrades and just SDUs?

3) If the first question is answered I don't really need to ask, but can you get SDU upgrades from more than 5 ClapTraps on Playthrough 2(Including DLCs)?

User Info: devak108

6 years ago#2
The correct number is 72. The wiki explains it all here:
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User Info: Shake_Like_E

6 years ago#3
I had no trouble(I dashboarded when I didn't get the SDU) so I don't think you will have any trouble. You can only get the first 5 SDUs in PT2(skipping Kroms Canyon, Tetanus Warrens is the last one) and 1 from Zombie DLC and Claptrap DLC. Knoxx will not cough up a second SDU. If you are in fear of your save being damaged you could use a USB stick to backup your save so in case the worst happens you can recover with little to no loss.
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User Info: Eternal K

Eternal K
6 years ago#4
It's actually 15 slots you can get from DLC (6 from Zombie Island, 6 from Claptrap, 3 from Knoxx).
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