how do you know your FPS

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User Info: sudufat123

8 years ago#1

Does the game have a program that shows you our do i need a third party program to see what my fps is??

User Info: ayrtonsenna

8 years ago#2
Get a program called FRAPS it allows you to see fps record movies and save screenshots.
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User Info: Netspyer

8 years ago#3

Another useful binding (Show FPS):
Bindings=(Name="F9",Command="Stat FPS",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
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User Info: maoric

8 years ago#4
My guess would be fraps, unless people found an .ini tweak to get it to show. The console commands default to chat for some reason, so the "stat fps" command common to Unreal engine games isn't working for me.
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User Info: maoric

8 years ago#5
Oh-ho, as I'm typing someone comes along and says how to fix it. Nice.
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User Info: fhunter476

8 years ago#6
Does this actually work?

I added the line to the correct .ini file and when I hit F9 in the game, nothing happens.. o.0
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User Info: Dante200X

8 years ago#7
Use xfire.
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User Info: Tim57282

8 years ago#8
This is what i did. I am using the cd version - not steam.

1. Go to the file WillowInput.ini, it should be at: C:\Users\*your name*\Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config
2. Add the line Bindings=(Name="J",Command="Stat FPS") above the large group of bindings, it should be about line 9.
3. When running the game press j, and the fps will appear in the top right.

Of course it doesnt have to be the 'j' key, but just make sure to use a key which is not already used.

User Info: moronicron

8 years ago#9
Dante beat me to it.
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