can't join multiplayer games, cannot connect to host

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User Info: Juice_03

8 years ago#1

Is anyone else having this problem? When I select a "room", the connection times out, everytime. Is there a fix, any suggestions?

User Info: PiNwOrM

8 years ago#2

The host likely doesn't have the correct ports open.

The ports that need to be opened are:

7777, 28900, 27900, 28910

7777, 6500, 9989

User Info: BenKS

8 years ago#3
Having the problem where I can't join random rooms, but I can host just fine and my friends can join my game and play for hours without any problems. Just can't connect to any servers in the Join Game list, it always times out or, if it does manage to connect to something, is laggy as all hell. All ports that should be forwarded are, and I have a 5MB down 2MB up connection. Not sure what the problem is, guessing it's just Gamespy being complete garbage as usual. If they had used Steam servers and had compatibility with Steam friends this game would be so much better, but instead they chose Gamespy because it's most likely the cheapest way to go.

User Info: Glock_Powdered

8 years ago#4
I have a great PC and a great connection, but I cannot for the life of me get people not to lag in my games or for me not to lag in other people's games. I am really beyond ends here. Jumping around all over the place is making me want to vomit it is so nauseating. Some hosts are not as bad but still not playable, some people seem to be able to play a bit in my games while others are jumping all over the place too.

I really really hope they address this issue soon. It's like they have just terrible netcode in this game because this is an issue going across people with good PC's and good connections.
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User Info: megeflawankent

8 years ago#5

I also can't connect to any hosts without the connection timing out. I have no clue what the problem is. I also have a great PC and connection.

User Info: allthetriumph

8 years ago#6
the problem is port forwarding.... i'm having major problems with this as well
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User Info: ArikardoX

8 years ago#7
Port fowarding is the problem for some, but not for everyone. If forwarding the correct ports for borderlands does not work, you can also try forwarding the ports for gamespy. If these don't work, multiplayer fixes are on the way, just be patient.

User Info: blatsplat47

8 years ago#8
Port-forwarding is fine and dandy, but for people who aren't paranoid, you can easily put your IP address in a DMZ and open all those ports and then whatever other ones that may be used by Borderlands for whatever reason. Kick it back on when you're done playing. It's a lot easier than figuring out which ports to open for which games.

If you have DSL, do it so that your router is DMZ'd on your modem. If you have cable, do it on your router since most cable modems can't be configured. If it can, do it just like with DSL.
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