Importing Save Game Files?

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User Info: xtempe5tx

7 years ago#1
Since characters are apparently saved PC side, and not server side, i imagine that people will eventually be uploading their lvl 50's.

Question One: Does anyone know if that is actually possible?

Question Two (If one was answered; yes): Anyone uploading? =p

P.S. Feel free to make whatever "Would you like me to play the game for you too?" etc comments. I have beaten the game already on the X-box, i enjoy PC ports due to stuff like this. I pay for the game, i just wanna entertain myself with it how i please. Thank you.

User Info: Ukanlos

7 years ago#2
So the highest level is 50?

User Info: xtempe5tx

7 years ago#3

User Info: xtempe5tx

7 years ago#4
Anyone have any information at all?

User Info: Nebslox

7 years ago#5
Yes it is, you can also copy your own save files and rename/ paste them back into the save folder them to duplicate characters.
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User Info: Tatazillah

7 years ago#6
If you're wondering where it is stored, it is stored in your Documents\My Games\Borderlands

User Info: Parhasard

7 years ago#7
inb4 circle jerk I'm better than you posters

User Info: vicsrealms

7 years ago#8

Thanks for the location. My Vista 64-bit is driving me nuts and I'm have a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate coming in hoping it will correct some of my problems. I'm in the process of backing everything up and getting ready for a full install. I am only level 15 (work sucks! ~grin~), but I don't want to have to go through that all over again.

User Info: myztikrice

7 years ago#9
I see you've just gotten started with PC gaming.
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