weapon rarity colors

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User Info: mallemo

8 years ago#1
So I noticed that there seem to be a variation in color on some of the weapons I see. Only for blue and orange though. Like right now I have a dark orange revolver and then a shotgun I have is a really light orange, almost yellow. Then I see light blue weapons and then dark blue ones. Does this mean anything?

User Info: 0X0_Ghost_0X0

8 years ago#2
Ive never seen the two different shades of blue, but for the orange it indicates the different levels of rarity. Darkest orange is the rarest and generally the highest quality weapon, then to orange and back down again to your yellowy orange colour. Overall they are still classed as the "orange" rarity though.

User Info: Blackfalls1

8 years ago#3
Pearl (white) > Dark orange > orange > light orange > purple > blue > green > white

Don't always look past white weapons though! On my soldier I found a support machine gun at level 24 and used it up til 36. Torgue is the way to go.

User Info: miraclematter

8 years ago#4
You realize pearls are a glitch, right? They're supposed to be orange.
"Yea but there are still the people with hot dog fingers who occasionally get the head confused with the feet or a cloud." ~KibgamiGenjuro
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