How many guns can i hold?

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User Info: Shikamaru100

8 years ago#1
I know there are like millions of weapons here, but that makes no difference to me if i can only hold 2 guns at a time. So how many can I hold?
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User Info: SnowFarmer

8 years ago#2
No official word on this yet, but you can bet it will be more than 2.

Chances are the game will feature a split inventory system (which is common in RPGs, but might be new to those coming to the game from a shooter background). In a split system you can carry a certain amount of equipment (guns, grenades, and other items) on your character and you can store the rest at some sort of terminal/safehouse/locker . Your storage capacity will be much greater at your terminal/safehouse/locker of course, think along the lines of 50 slots on your character and 500 in the "locker".

I doubt they will go very in depth with the storage system, so you won't have to worry about weight or size of guns/items.

User Info: Nova MK VI

Nova MK VI
8 years ago#3
Weight and size is definetely not goin to be a Problem.

The Characters use what Gearbox likes to call a 'Storage Deck' this is practically, just a Digitizer (comparable to the Digitizing in 'Tron' or similar)
Weapons and other stuff will just be digitally stored, like on an I-Pod.
As far as i know you can carry 4 Guns for direct use and the rest goes to the Deck.

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User Info: squiggy9996999

8 years ago#4
it's 4 guns per character, any of your choice. you keep all other items in storage.

User Info: Mordul

8 years ago#5
But something to note is that a few beta-testers have implied that the Storage Deck does not hold an unlimited capacity.

User Info: Nova MK VI

Nova MK VI
8 years ago#6
The Deck is upgradable.
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User Info: joey16666

8 years ago#7

You have 42 inventory slots as i assume from reading the "get 42 inventory slots from helping claptraps" achievement.

User Info: SinisterAce

8 years ago#8
You have the storage deck that basically reads the DNA of the gun and keeps that instead of the gun itself, so you can use it whenever, but the storage deck can only hold a certain number of guns, which can be upgraded by finding Claptraps, apparently.
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