Does it matter what weapons I use with lilith?

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  3. Does it matter what weapons I use with lilith?

User Info: Disturbed13

7 years ago#1
Any reason to use one over another? I want to use assault rifles, but i she better with anything else? Or does it not matter?

User Info: Defyingthelaw

7 years ago#2

normally id say no it doesnt matter, but for assault rifles.. choose the soldier.. its like the one weapon in this game that actually works only with the soldier.

i mean sure, u can be really good with the assault rifle with anyone, but its just ur only going to get good bonuses with the soldier. for a siren, anything else is good, but smgs decimate

if ur using a siren

smgs > of assault rifles

User Info: Disturbed13

7 years ago#3
Why is that? I played a bit with lilith and SMGs didn't seem particularly great... of course I didn't get far, but they just seemed pretty meh...

User Info: Defyingthelaw

7 years ago#4

trust me a mod that ads 60% smg damage, and 60% fire damage, with a fire smg will be the only gun u use ..

but thats only for lilith, and with her bonuses for smgs u can put skill points into, there u go, decimates

but u can use any weapon with her, its fine, just assault rifles wont get anything special. ull either either use a smg or assault rifle, not both

thats why i would recommend the soldier, cuz he gets bonuses for the assault rifle, but a siren doesnt need them at all. any other class can use them, since they dont have bonuses for the smg. if u have a smg that decimates everything, u wont need to use an assault rifle.

of course, u can be a siren, that only uses assault rifles and never picks up an smg, ur just loosing an noticeable effect of the class

User Info: Disturbed13

7 years ago#5
Ah ok, I did not know about the class mod, only her talent tree. Thanks

User Info: uuarman

7 years ago#6
You can use combat rifles if you want, but Lilith's skill tree has more skills in favor of SMG's and their higher rates of fire.
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User Info: Defyingthelaw

7 years ago#7

^ not just her skill tree, but her mods too.

but yeah, u can use assault rifles with her, and go ahead if u want! I mean if u, urself prefer assault rifles, and the class siren, then go for it. u can easily beat the game using a lilith with assault rifles. I mean its a game, play it how u want XP

User Info: lonewulfYamcha

7 years ago#8
dude, smg ftw.

mercernay mod + velocity skill = omg ownage lol.

User Info: HighOnPhazon

7 years ago#9
You might not stick with SMG's until you get to New Haven. Once you start finding and being able to buy Mods, you will notice that Mercenary mods add to SMG damage (often a large increase in damage %) and other useful abilities. If you're lucky enough to find a Hellfire SMG, an SMG damage mod that also increases elemental chance will cause you to stick to mainly SMG's.

The mods for Siren make SMG's her preferred weapon. I still use Revolvers and Shotguns with her, but my SMG is my main.
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User Info: Nidhogg151

7 years ago#10
I'll be honest, I have a level 50 Lilith and have been through both playthroughs and have played a lot of playthrough 2.5. SMG's really arent impressive compared to a lot of other weapons at all unless you specifically have the Hellfire SMG. I'm not saying they are weak by anymeans, but imo they are on par with everything else. Personally I'm actually finding shotguns to really be the most effective in any of the specs, but more specifically a controller/assassin build.

I will agree though that Assault Rifles have to be her weakest gun, however the only reason I say that is because of the three different "types" only one really benefits her, which are the fully automatic ones. The single shot, and burst fire feel totally useless on her, but I have found a lot of green and blue fully auto assault rifles w/o elemental effects that tend to kill things a LOT faster than non-Hellfire elemental SMGs.

In the end you can use any weapon type and still make things die, fortunatly with Lilith you can make things die equally fast with any gun type so long as you're smart about it and spec correctly. Personally I like:

This build is for harder, slower hitting weapons as well as any elemental weapons. This build with a Hellfire SMG or a Volcano Sniper Rifle is just plain brutal, though you lose a lot of survivability for pure damage, which doesnt really make a difference until you hit the very very very end of playthrough 2 and beyond. Also there's:

This build is mainly for non-elemental weapons, making it good for assault rifles and more specifically shotguns. Infact this build is a BEAST if you have a good shotgun cause it allows you to get in close and stay alive while you dance around your enemies. This build is great for survival as well, though you may find it much slower than the previous build while leveling, but imo its better for end game. On a side note, Mind games has a 25% chance to daze the target, but with shotguns and other multiple hit weapons the 25% chance applies to each individual pellet. So you bassically have a 25% chancex12 or whatever multiplyer your shotgun has to daze per shot.

Sorry for the book, but hopefully that helps lol.
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  3. Does it matter what weapons I use with lilith?

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