Borderlands save editor ??

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User Info: monsterhntrX

8 years ago#1
This app was mentioned in another post but can anyone tell me where to get it please, and one that works with the ps3 save obviously.

I downloaded a gamesave off here to test as i don't want to mess with my own until i know what i am doing. I got an editor that didn't work (i presume it was for 360 only ??) then i found another called Gibbed.Borderlands.saveedit, is this the right one ??

Thanks !

User Info: MisterMajusty

8 years ago#2
No. I've hex edited, I know it, I have it, and I won't tell anyone else what it is because it'll ruin online.
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User Info: monsterhntrX

8 years ago#3
I know about the hex programme, i tried it with MHFU, got confused LOL.

Yes i see what you mean about online players who have haxxed, i'll stick to the proper game i think, online and offline, it's to much fun to mess about with...............although extra backpack space would be good :)

User Info: SykoslocosXRZ

8 years ago#4
its still funny to make a assault rifle that shoots 5 rockets in one shot, at a fire rate of 15

though i agree, anyone taking guns like that online sucks

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User Info: DragonboyBDC

8 years ago#5
Majusty, this is a stupid question but could you send your edited save to me? I don't support cheating in any way (had enough problems with EMU-hackers in WoW -_-) but it's starting to get on my nerves if I'm trying to train my Eridian proficiency on the Hive, and suddenly a bunch of Rakk's creep out and swarm me, or that I need to blast my way through dozens of bandits just to make it to the Reaver, Krom, Flynt, or wherever for decent gear. I could really use an uber character to run through some spots to get better gear with more ease.
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User Info: Kandar888

8 years ago#6
My friend and I only used the Hex Edit program to create out mule accounts. Seeing as how there are no stashes in the game we created our own. Editing more than that would be crossing the line. I just want to be able to keep all the cool guns I find.
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User Info: Neo_Rena

8 years ago#7
I did the exact same thing. Made a Brick, named him Mule, and gave him a storage of 500. Perfect for keeping my red text weapon collection until Gearbox comes out with a storage solution (and make it actually useful, not just like 20 slots or something -_-)

And yeah, editing beyond that is just unnecessary.
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