Playthrough 2, where can I get good weapons?

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User Info: Flamer_Blue

7 years ago#1
Any rare weapons? Where can I get them?

I don't have anything remotely good on my weapon's list.
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User Info: Raging_Infernus

7 years ago#2
You can get good weapons if you look further duh.
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User Info: kidrx

7 years ago#3
your best bet is to do the following ...

play the 2nd playthrough but just do the missions related to advancing the main story.... you're basically going to do the 2nd run just for the sake of finishing it. When you finish the 2nd time and then go back to playthrough 2, you will still have all the side quests to do, but all the enemies will level up to the max and the weapon drops and chests will all be level 48 or 49. That's not to say there won't be crappy weapon drops, they'll just be level 48 crappy weapon drops.

at that point i find that New Haven/Crimson Fastness runs give the most bang for the buck. There are 5 chests in New Haven (2 red and 3 silver) and 5 red chests in the Crimson Fastness. I've farmed plenty of good weapons there.

User Info: mcbrewmeister

7 years ago#4
Is it possible to find truly great loot just by farming on your own?

Because I've tried it and I've never really turned up anything fantastic.

Aren't you guaranteed to find better stuff, more often when playing with three other people?

I'm still using a lot of level 30ish crap that I found in playthrough 1, even though I've completed playthrough 2, and I'd really like to get a hold of some more powerful weapons.

User Info: theoneyouhate

7 years ago#5
I've found some great stuff on P2 and P2.5 playing splitscreen and just lootrunning New Haven. Also, when that second weapon seller shows up in New Haven, I've found some good stuff there.

User Info: kidrx

7 years ago#6
i've ONLY played solo and have found some great stuff.... some things have still eluded me, though.
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