About modding with patch 1.3

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User Info: Setzera

7 years ago#1
Can anyone give me an official link about 1.3? I've read modding has now been blocked, and I'd really like to know if this is true.

I know everyone has their own opinion on mods, but the only reason I bought this, was because I could mod it. I spent $60 on the game, and $22 so far on dlc, and fully intended on getting the third dlc, I play offline 99% of the time, and when I do go online, I ask people if they mind the fact that I mod, and most people dont mind because I do not duel, and I do not kill steal everything in sight, I control my added power. Most people dont mind because I'm also a medic soldier that saves other people a lot of money, and mid-battle menu searching (for healing items).

If they have permanently removed modding, I will permanently sell this game, so please if anyone has a link to the patch notes, I'd like to read them.
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User Info: Setzera

7 years ago#2
I guess I should've googled before posting.. but heres what I found, I believe it to be the official release.



Borderlands update 1.30 is coming, to be released alongside The Secret Armory of General Knoxx!

360: This update will be deployed automatically on 2/23
PS3: This update will be deployed automatically on 2/25
PC: This update will be available on 2/25

Here are the notes:

Borderlands Update 1.30 Notes

Addressed issues:
- Invalid weapons or items can no longer be loaded into the game
- Brick’s Centurion class mods now regenerate health correctly
- Brick’s Bombardier class mods now regenerate rockets correctly
- Roland’s Tactician class mods now regenerate shields correctly and display the correct bonus values
- Roland’s Rifleman class mods now apply damage increase to all machine guns
- Certain powerful legendary item names should now be displayed in the appropriate color
- Opening the bank in the Mad Moxxi DLC no longer prevents other players from moving
- Multiple copies of DLC missions can no longer be obtained
- Corrected some incorrect icons in the ammo vendor
- Fixed a crash caused by killing the final boss while zoomed in with a scope
- The “Careful, he bites” achievement should now properly unlock when playing in French
- Added icons to the server browser that indicate which DLCs the server has installed
- The server browser now displays the name of the DLC a server is playing instead of the plot mission
- Adjusted scrolling in menu options in long server lists
- Added a notification if a player attempts to continue a game saved in DLC that is no longer installed
- Fixed DLC notification dialogs that were not closing properly
- Alt-F4 no longer closes the game if it is not in focus (PC Only)
- Fixed an issue which resulted in corruption in saved games (360)
- Added support for allowing multiple user login on PS3, so that friends can play on another player's system in splitscreen. (PS3)
- Fixed graphical distortion and crashes some PS3 users may be experiencing (PS3)
- Zombie Island achievements and trophies now unlock properly in splitscreen (360, PS3)

Balance adjustments:
- Chests in New Haven have been adjusted to contain more appropriate loot
- The duration of daze effects has been reduced to 6 seconds, and the amount by which it decreases the speed of enemies and their projectiles has been reduced
- Damage from shock elemental effects has been increased
- Repeater pistol damage has been slightly increased, accuracy slightly decreased
- Sniper Rifle critical hit bonus has been increased


I wonder if that still allows mods, you just can't put certain combinations together? I hope it doesn't take out all the good ones, especially considering all 4 of my weapons are gone and I have no others.
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User Info: Iain Rockford

Iain Rockford
7 years ago#3
I think if you mod weapons within the realms of the game ie use max stats for a hellfire that is possible for the game to generate it would stay but if you mix materials to make weapons or name them etc you wont be able to use them

I lost my fav weapon when they stopped modding which I was given and I did not know it was modded lol the stats seemed acheivable
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User Info: Setzera

7 years ago#4
All I really need is a revolver that I can have the atlas_chimera mod on, and a combat rifle with no recoil and I'll survive the patch, but I was finally done modding my favorites last week. I've only owned this game for 2 weeks. Makes me wish I had bought and beat it before they did this.
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User Info: exaznx

7 years ago#5
I think you can still mod guns after the patch. It just needs to be creatable by the game engine to be valid (IE you can't cross revolver and SMG parts).

Also you can apparently still dupe items as I ran into a game of people swapping out weapons and they said it was all duped.

User Info: Hollykins21

7 years ago#6
so =p did you find a solution fuzz are we going to be able to play borderlands with mod. guns. I hope so cuz i really miss my pistol =[

User Info: ChickenChaser

7 years ago#7
... again, I simply don't get the allure of modding -
And don;t think I'm judging or somehow deriding the use of mods, not at all - I am completely agnostic on this issue ... but still, I find myself curious for lack of a better word, as to why anyone finds the notion of modded stuff attractive in the first place...

for one the game becomes game breakingly easy at a a given point even with regular albeit rare generated weapons ... and the few instances where the game is challenging provide most of the fun and allure of the game...

and second, the best part of the game, imo, is the potential provided by every corpse... killing things that may potentially drop an upgrade for you or one of your friends or some interesting weapon ... if you're strapped with mods, then the chances that you will find some enticing loot is basically nil ...

So you're fighting too-easy mobs, for zero potential payoff ... I don't get what's fun about that - how is the game not interminably boring for anyone indulging in modded items?
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User Info: Hollykins21

7 years ago#8
well I totally disagree with you. There are different kinds of modding and whether you choose to use them or not is your own choice. Yeah I love my modded gun but trust me it does not make the game any easier and I am not a bad player. Just because I choose to make my own weapon that I choose to play "offline with only" doesn't mean I make it so extreme that the game becomes too easy and boring, I mod guns (mainly just my pistol) because I like the feeling of creating something of my own like Army of Two 2 where you can create your own mask. I loved the fact I had a cool weapon and I know a lot of people ruin the fun of the game for others when they go online with modded weapons and screw things up, but that is not what modding is all about to me. I hate online games and would only ever play borderlands offline with my bf here. In the beginning I wasn't even sure if I would like the game I hated the guns they gave me to choose from but when my bf helped me mod my own gun I began to like the game because I thought the gun I made was awesome! I do agree with not having modded guns for online purposes but ruining the game for offline modded guns just sucks. I mean you have a choice to use modded guns or not and just because one person chooses not to use the modification weapons due to the fact of it making the game less fun doesn't mean there are not a bunch of other people who think otherwise. So if you decide not to use a mod gun cool good for you. But honestly in my opinion if I cannot get my modded pistol back (my bf and i worked hard on creating) then the game just wont be fun for me anymore and I wont play it sadly.

User Info: Setzera

7 years ago#9
Well, last night when the ps3 came back online for us fat ps3 users, I tried some mods on my revolver, and out of 8, this is the only one that showed up.


Any changes from this formula to the body, mag, title, or shared material parts (I mainly tried Hyperion things) caused the gun not to show. So I now have 1 gun until I can refine a combat rifle with no recoil. Feel free to use or modifiy this formula on your own guns, I just felt the need to share.

And no Hollykins, I have not tried to remake your pistol yet, but I will later.
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User Info: Hollykins21

7 years ago#10
thats alright we can fix em up on the weekend some time =]
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