GEL's Counter Force FAQ Progress Thread

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User Info: GEL

9 years ago#1
Because nobody but me cares! XD

Yeah, got the first chunk of the FAQ written: The history, description, and controls and I've double checked my formatting. Weapon Tips, Strategy, and Walkthrough are next. Then I can release it.

After Version 1.0, I intend to update it with the dramatic text from the game. Because, let's face it, that text is actually pretty awesome! XD (Ever READ it?! It's RIDICULOUSLY dramatic!)

Currently distracted by No More Heroes though and looking into buying One Piece Unlimited Adventure. However a recent video review on YouTube has revitalized my interest at least alittle and FAQ progress may resume shortly.

Yes, I know. Only I care :P

OH! Fun side-note though! I found a demo of the PC version and WOW are the graphics better! XD It seems they forgot to port the lighting effects to the Wii version! D'OH! XD Ah well, the Wii controls almost make up for it.

If you want a quick hint, imaginary person that reads this board, start with Sophia. Dynamis is the easiest to beat the game with, but it controls horribly, so Sophia is a better mech to feel the game out with.
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