Can I change the controls to work better with my light gun attachment?

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User Info: phaze_basic

9 years ago#1
I just bought a cool lightgun attachment for one of my remotes. It's the Nyko one that's actually shaped like a handgun and has a mechanism for pulling the B button with a trigger that's placed where it should be on the gun. Unlike the silly Nintendo gun. I want a good, cheap shooter to play with it, and this game certainly covers the "cheap" requirement, at least. I'm thinking about buying it.

I read the controls that Gel typed out in the stickied topic. It looks like the B button does... nothing? The A button is awkward to press with the lightgun attachment, but if I can move Aimed Shot onto the B button, that would solve the problem.

Is this game even good?
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User Info: GEL

9 years ago#2
*I* like the game because I'm an on-rails shooter fan. $30 is a bit pricey for it, but if you see it for $20 or $15 (the GameStop used price. It's FINALLY in their system) then I'd recommend it if you're a fan of Star Fox.

Alas, the control scheme is set. I thought of using my Wii Zapper with it myself but you can't. There IS an alternate control scheme you can switch to by pressing the - button in-game but it's actually a much worse control scheme. I believe on that one, B is your lock-on button. A is still your aimed shot button.

...worse yet, on THAT control scheme it removes the Standard Shot! XD Needless to say I do not recommend using the alt control scheme.

But, on the flip side, this would work better without the lightgun as you use the nunchuck tilting to move.

I know you mentioned your lightgun attatchment being off-brand. If it just uses the Wiimote and not the Wiimote and Nunchuck like the Zapper does...I know this sounds silly, but Chicken Little:Ace in Action. I bet you can find it cheap or used and it's actually a really nice Ratchet & Clank rip-off.



Ghost Squad is the best lightgun game on Wii (it has a calibration system and "no reticle" option that gives double points) and is only $30. Seriously awesome stuff. In terms of something to play with a new lightgun I give it my highest recommendation.

If you're still interested in Counter Force though, I did post Gameplay videos on YouTube:
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