Stuck on Dark Elf mission

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User Info: morganthebear

8 years ago#1

Help! I am stuck on the Dark Elf mission where I have to surround the high elf enampment and then whipe them out without any of the High Elf scouts getting away to warn the rest of the army!

No matter how hard I try, one of the buggers always gets away! Any ideas on tactics???

User Info: Pyrosa

8 years ago#2

I've done the Empire campaign and most of the Chaos campaign; I'll try to post back when I get to that battle.

I have a hunch that a combination of speed upgrades (usually a good investment) and double-clicking with the left trigger held down will solve any fast-attack-related issues; it has worked for me on previous maps. Note that you can also set each formation to aggressively attack and pursue (the bottom option).

User Info: Pyrosa

8 years ago#3

Hrm... I'm stuck on the idiotic "Metal Gear Warhammer" Dark Elf mission, where you have to let the orcs through the series of gates while saving their sorry butts. Frankly, the whole "stealth mission" Dark Elf deviation from the core gameplay just might put me off this game for good. I've been utterly addicted until now, but this is inexcusable. Leave the stealth BS to the BS stealth games -- this is an RTS!!

And frankly, with gameplay this bad, it makes the total lack of saving/checkpoints intolerable.

User Info: Pyrosa

8 years ago#4

Hopefully these will index well among the search engines, so other people can find these hints easily:
Warhammer Battle March Orc Campaign Dark Elf Campaign Walkthrough, Hints, and Tips

Mission [need name for this one, has the castle gates and stealth]
-This one is actually pretty easy, as long as you assign each unit to a group number, and retreat after each set of attacks.
-For example, 1 - dart - group, 2 - dart - same group, 3 - dart - same group, 4 - dart - same group, select all - retreat double-time to shadows. Repeat.
-Stay out of melee combat!

-You should take the first two gates slowly, cleaning out all enemies. (Be sure to poison dart the wizard as soon as you cross the second!) But after you cross the third gate two things need to happen simultaneously:
1. Use your main assassin's invisibility spell to put the last poison down the well, then run him up the stairs to the graveyard to get bonus items.
2. Run your other three assassins through the fourth gate ASAP to close it! Don't bother killing the swordsmen and archers here yet -- just get that gate closed!!

-After you regroup and open the store room for more items, then go down the fifth gate, meet the armies, use your group healing icon(s), and poison-dart the heck out of the remaining troops.

User Info: Pyrosa

8 years ago#5

Hopefully these will index well among the search engines, so other people can find these hints easily:
Warhammer Battle March Orc Campaign Dark Elf Campaign Walkthrough, Hints, and Tips

Mission Encirclement:

This is the most annoying mission in any of the campaigns. It will likely make you want to snap your disc in half, so just plan on having to restart.


-As always, assign your points BEFORE going into the mission. Kaineth should have full poison arrows and Lillaeth should have full freezy-blast and experience boost (5 each). I chose Tulaketh's close-range attack spell.

-As always, if any of your regiments is wiped out, just restart the mission. Try to keep an eye on their health (engagements are fairly spread out this time, at least) and double-click retreat & regroup if they are running low.
-Form groups, leave leaders separate (do not join them with any regiments)
-Group 1: Lilaeth (sorceress) and spearmen
-Group 2: Kaineth (assassin) and spearmen
-Group 3: archers and knights
-Group 4: archers and knights with Tulaketh
-Rotate your camera slightly so it's pointing due North (to aid the descriptions below).
-Place them all as close to the North edge as possible.

If you're not already doing this, this is absolutely CRITICAL: press B to de-select your units after EVERY significant set of

attacks, or area relocation!!! If you accidentally send units from different groups across this map, you'll have to reload.

Phase 1: Patrols.

-Basically, the idea is to try to avoid attacking a patrol when it's right in front of a gate. That just guarantees that you'll have yet another annoying reload.

-Immediately swith your archers' arrows to the freezing variety (one click). Remember that whenever you're holding the right trigger, pushing the right stick in the direction of the spell will pop up a description! You'll know if your arrows are freezing them when the attacks start; there's a clear visual and audio difference.

-Move+attack (hold left trigger) groups 1 and 3 slightly to the left at normal speed. Send groups 2 and 4 up the right path at normal speed. Never get close enough to the towers/gates to get shot. Don't let the knights fall too far behind in either group; use formation stops if necessary.

-You'll encounter the South/Southwest archers first; these are the most likely to make it to the gate. Quickly have your entire nearby group (1&3, or right-stick-click) rush-attack (double-click A on enemy), have Lilaeth cast a freezy-blast, and then separately select your knights to rush in and stop them from fleeing (also causing charging damage).

-Note that knights can ONLY reach their top speeds if they're the only ones selected (or all units in selection have matching speed). This is critical to your success on this level!

-The next three sets of patrols should happen pretty naturally as your two overall groups (1&3, 2&4) work around the edges of the map to meet each other. Pick up items with whatever hero is nearby, but don't use any of them yet!

Phase 2: Messengers.
-This is absolutely the most annoying, pain-in-the-rear garbage section of this entire game. Prepare yourself with a

relaxing snack and beverage (or whatever).
-The messengers are on horseback, and run just a little slower than your knights. But of course, you only have two sets of

knights -- and they're actually not much help anyhow. Each messenger will be preceded by a set of spearmen, and let's not

forget that you'll have to move within range of those towers to safely kill each messenger. If you let a messenger go, you

get another annoying reload... Hooray.
-The order in which the four messengers will appear is: South, East, West, North.
-When you have units next to all four Shades, the messengers will start -- so don't do that yet!
-Position group 1 at West, group 2 at North, group 3 at South, and group 4 to the NorthEast of the East Shade. This is important: Let your units rest and regain stamina!!! If your leaders have gained any skill points, go ahead and distribute them while you wait.
-When you're ready, move group 4 close to the East Shade.
-As always, don't forget to de-select your units after each battle!
-Typically, you'll want to let your heroes use a kill-spell on the messenger while the other units engage the spearmen that precede it. To be safe, I typically click-right-stick as soon as the messenger is close, then double-click on it repeatedly to break the units off the spearmen, and ensure his death.
-Note that you won't have a hero for the fist one (that's why I listed it first -- less time wasted if you have to reload).
-Don't let your archers come in contact with the Spearmen, or they won't be able to shoot their bows! Again, kill the messenger regardless of taking other damage, then retreat and regroup if necessary.
-Be sure to move your troops back out of tower range after each battle.

Phase 3: Actual Warhammer-battle!
-There's only one crucial step here: REGROUP & REST BEFORE YOU ATTACK!!!
-I prefer North or West for this, but it's up to you. South doesn't have enough room.
-You can either kill or capture the towers.
-Use that group healing icon for only your most damaged troops! Keep your heroes out of the circle, or they will hog all the healing.
-As always, try to lure enemies to you one at a time, and retire anyone who's badly damaged to the rear of your main force.
-Don't rush headlong into the camp, and don't get into a hero duel if you can prevent it!

Now that the worst two missions of the game are over, take a quick break, reward yourself for having the patience to complete

them, and enjoy the rest of the excellent Orc Campaign!

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