How do you rob people or stores?

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User Info: Jackol4ntrn

7 years ago#1
I just pulled out my pistol aimed it at whomever and they just ignored it or they just went "dont wave that thing around here"

Am I doing something wrong?
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User Info: Blitz8529

7 years ago#2
get near the cash register and you should be able to.

User Info: Claptonvaughn

7 years ago#3
I just shot the gun owner in the face and walked over to the cash register. Only got around 700 bucks, I think.

After the resulting gunfight with some police, I was able to use the phone in that very shop to call the police department and bribed them to remove my wanted level.

User Info: Zukkus

7 years ago#4
Just watch out, some of the other customers can be packing, and gun you down when your back is turned.
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User Info: slashrulez99

7 years ago#5
Robbing stores is pretty simple. Just take out your gun, and you have access to the cash register and all the stuff in the store. If you're robbing a clothing store, you need to actually go up to the piece of clothing to take it, rather than doing it through the clerk. It seems obvious, but it threw me off at first.

Kind of off-topic, but they actually thought about robbing pretty seriously when they made this game. I robbed a clothing store and left the clerk alive, and then went on my way and did other stuff. 5 minutes later I went back to the clothing store to get something new, and the clerk was there talking to police officers, and shouted to them that I was the guy who robbed her. Thought it was pretty cool.

User Info: Harvest4

7 years ago#6
I like the crime scene stuff they I shot some guy on the street and drove away and then as I slowly coasted in again I saw a bunch of cops around the crime scene checking on the dead guy
There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time.

User Info: LizardRonin

7 years ago#7
Yea, also you really don't need a gun either since during the demo, I went to the bar and just fight the bartender with my fists and just robbed him there. So I think it's quite good that there isn't just one specific way to do the free-roam stuff like in other sandbox games. And yea least the A.I. is mostly smarter though the cops can at times be like those from the Blues Brothers and all just try to crash into you lol.
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User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
7 years ago#8
It's awesome, if you shoot the guy at the gas station and return later it will be sealed off with tape as it's a crime scene.
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User Info: Jackol4ntrn

7 years ago#9
I thought I read people robbing random people on the street, but maybe I read it wrong.
I'm an undying shadow in a world of lights,
and the only one who can release me, is you, lid$nake.

User Info: WorstNightMares

7 years ago#10
Yeah Jules, it's like that with any. If you go into a store and just murder everyone, I think it has to only be the owner actually, but whatever it's more fun to kill everyone anyways, cops come along after a bit.. Check everything out, and then a little later on when you come back it's all sealed up, I think it's a nice touch. :D
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