Rab Shops or bring cars to Bruski !!!

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User Info: ahasanali2005

6 years ago#1
Can any one say, where " Rab Shops or bring cars to Bruski "

User Info: jeremysix

6 years ago#2
What we have here is a failure to communicate. Speak English!
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User Info: ArPharazon412

6 years ago#3
Open your map. See that B towards the top? Steal a car, take it there, and put it in the crusher. Repeat until you have $27,500.
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User Info: ahasanali2005

6 years ago#4
Cannot finish this job, and your Youtube Video also delete, Please can up-lode video or send me email...... Many time try,cannot finish this job.

User Info: HydroDragon

6 years ago#5
PSN:- HydroDragon95

User Info: G1zzy

6 years ago#6
I say get a dictionary.
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User Info: RKO_ON_RAW

6 years ago#7
Go to where it says B on the map in game. Near Bruski's office is a car crushing machine. To it's left is a car that will respawn if you leave the junkyard and come back.
Take the car to the crusher and I think it gives you like $415 or so. Do this until it says you have enough money to pay Bruno, then it will say go to Joe's.

Hope that helps.
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User Info: Psycho_Yautja

6 years ago#8
Rob shops is quicker, fist fight the owner if it's in a gunshop, if the police catch you just bribe them.

User Info: ahasanali2005

6 years ago#9
Many many thanks, Mr.ArPharazon412 & Mr. RKO_ON_RAW, I finish this job.....
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  3. Rab Shops or bring cars to Bruski !!!

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