Free-play mod for 360?

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User Info: Dudethomsen

7 years ago#1

I bought Mafia II a couple days back, and after completing it, I honestly missed roaming around in Empire City doing nothing. Now I bought the expansion, but I kinda miss being Vito and not some bald middle-aged prick (sorry to all you bald middle-aged pricks out there...), plus I hate the mission timer and score system.
Is it possible to mod the 360 version so you get (real) free mode forever instead of only on missions? Has it been done?


- Thomas

User Info: roadsoup

7 years ago#2
The expansion pack is free roam forever, just don't do any missions if you don't like them that much.
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User Info: Dudethomsen

7 years ago#3
Ya, I know .. Though that still doesn't solve the character issue, nor the point counter issue?

I guess this is a lost battle.. :/

User Info: FGMPR

7 years ago#4
The free-ride mod is, and will only be available to the PC version. It's just one of those things.

If you like taking advantage of mods in games, you need a PC.
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