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User Info: nashxyzz

9 years ago#1
this is a list of all the 2600 games unlocked after all 44 award are obtained:
(before you ask anything else unlockable - consider the size of the full umd (90mb), file sizes of the 360 ports which had the evolved games with classic, and bout 20 mb is the 3.72 firmware installer)

air-sea battle
canyon bomber
circus atari
crystal castles
demons to diamonds
desert falcon
dodge 'em
double dunk
flag capture
fun with numbers
haunted house
home run
human cannonball
math gran prix
maze craze
miniature golf
missile command
night driver
off the wall
radar lock
realsports baseball
realsports football
realsports tennis
sky diver
slot machine
slot racers
space war
star ship
stellar track
street racer
submarine commander
super baseball
swordquest: earthworld
swordquest: fireworld
swordquest: waterworld
video olympics
video pinball
yar's revenge

User Info: nexis26000

9 years ago#2

adventure, thats all I need!

Just need a save file now.

User Info: rpgfaker

9 years ago#3
swordquest: earthworld
swordquest: fireworld
swordquest: waterworld

yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! woot woot

all i need is astroids deluxe #4 to finish 43/44 give me two more hours.....

User Info: nashxyzz

9 years ago#4
The absolute hardest one I believe is the Battlezone award for muliple enemies cause the AI was cheap with the faster double wide shot tank plus I didn't know it could kill the ufos. With the other control set it helps greatly with dodging plus no music so you can hear them shoot. You'll know when you get it when it says 2x multiplier. If score has something to do with enemy types, I'm assuming it does, then I had around 70k when I got it.

Both Asteroids ones with the limited shots - who said you had to be the one shooting them.
let the ufo take out the smaller ones lol. The 3 min award is ez if you aimed to shoot only what you had too and dodged the ufo shots.

the Centipede clear mushroom was a little annoying with the spider popping out from the sides. You tend to lose all your lives in the process getting the award.

Only other annoying one was the tempest 1 - 6 with no zapper due to the board layout cause you can't see them easily on the bottom coming towards you.

The rest are pretty much ez.

For pong I think the pinball and air hockey boards work best.

On breakout for the block colors and score I used double paddle mode.

Other then that get used to playing sideways, helped with pong / centipede/ millipede, and get use to the controls and you should be able to knock out most with absolutely no problems.

Overall thought of the game itself - um... what happened to the other 1.6gig of space that could of been used to add a lot more.

some games I think that probably could/should of made collection:

moon patrol
cobra command
venture 2600
pole position
venture (think I remember the cart. saying venture 2600)
space invaders
tunnel runner
jungle hunt
realsports volleyball
midnight magic
lock n chase
kung fu master

User Info: rpgfaker

9 years ago#5
nashxyzz are you posting your file if not im posting mine now its done. bought it friday night and just finished it (without twisting my psp into unfuntional shapes :D )

User Info: rpgfaker

9 years ago#6
The absolute hardest one I believe is the Battlezone award for muliple enemies

for me it was asteroids deluxe 3rd wave in 50 shots , next worst was super breakout when the ball hits the top of the screen and your paddles are 2x smaller....warlords 250,000 took more than a few tries

User Info: Flojomojo

9 years ago#7
nashxyzz -- space isn't the issue (every VCS rom in existence would fit in less than 5MB) but legal licensing is. Most of the extra games you listed (Berzerk, Moon Patrol, Space Invaders) aren't Atari's property but were simply licensed for play on the 2600 machine. If you want to play the other games, you would want to run the Stella emulator on your PSP instead. It works great!

I'm disappointed to see that Solaris and Star Raiders are missing from the list.

That -- and the PITA of unlockables needed to play what is arguably the best feature of this disc.

What a shame -- the Atari Anthology from a few years back was a lot better than this collection. :-(

User Info: Tobbin

9 years ago#8
I think it's odd that Missile Command was on the list as Missile Command is one of the updated games. Was really hoping for Zaxxon or Atlantis or even Raiders of the Lost Ark to make the list, but it's cool. At least they have Yar's Revenge (that was my all time favorite Atari 2600 game.)

User Info: Larcen Tyler

Larcen Tyler
9 years ago#9
What, no Solaris? I was so hoping to finally have a portable version of that!
Larcen Tyler
Some Eternal Champions just never die

User Info: Atariboy1982

9 years ago#10
Wasn't on Atari Anthology either. Just on that sucky Flashback 1 console. Perhaps its more difficult to produce a emulator that can play Solaris correctly?

Thanks for the save file.

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