Why are horses afraid of camels?

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User Info: primatepancakes

8 years ago#11

From: ObiJonKenobi2 | #010
If a horse crosses a tank either two things happen.

1) The horse runs away from the tank.

2) The horse does not run away, but gets squished by the tank.

Either way, Cavalry won't be good to combat tanks with.

only in Civ IV >_>

User Info: Uhtredson

8 years ago#12
Horses are skittish creatures and anything new they shy away from.

When westtern cavalry first met middle eastern they had problems with the horses being scared of camels. After a while they got used to them and there wasn't such a problem.

User Info: largibbons

8 years ago#13

It's the smell and the noise they make especially. Horses are skittish but these are war horses trained to be around cannon etc.

However they weren't trained to deal with camels, not at first anyway.

User Info: 11121Man

8 years ago#14
Incidentally, horses are also afraid of dead bodies, making them one of few non-human animals to recognize death. And that's why war horses were so valuable: it took a lot of training to make them not freak out in battle.
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User Info: ObiJonKenobi2

8 years ago#15
That and they had ''fricken laser beams'' attached to their heads.

User Info: AegisOfRime

8 years ago#16
Wow! I learned plenty about horses in this topic. I never knew that tidbit about horses being afraid of dead bodies... My country is a concrete jungle, so there's not a single horse down here. except for in the zoo. Maybe. I have ridden a horse before in a trip to New Zealand. Wonderful creatures.

I actually googled about this question and on a camel fetish forum (yes! it's true!), they say that it's true that horses are generally really afraid of camels, but Arabian horses are among those that tolerate camels really well. I guess it makes sense, since they would have grown up beside camels.

I have also never seen before a camel, so I have no idea what they smell like. I guess a horse would freak out if a llama spat in it's face.
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User Info: jcmason

8 years ago#17
I've seen camels at the county fair before, they're pretty tall l and pretty cocky so I think they would be able to scare horses pretty well. They are taller than most horses I think.
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User Info: Murphy1775

8 years ago#18
Interesting tidbit

The Polish sent out Calvalry on Horses to fight the German tanks during World War 2.

Yet somehow they still lasted longer than the French did.

Have a nice day.

User Info: ShAdE_sLaYeR_16

8 years ago#19
the horses had a IWIN button
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User Info: AegisOfRime

8 years ago#20
I was going to respond with a tasteless "french always loses" joke, but never mind.
There's a huge difference in specs between four computers and Nagato!
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