Hardest faction?

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User Info: G-corp9

7 years ago#1

which faction is the most challenging to play with, except united province. I already beat the game with multiple factions and was wondering if there is a faction that is realy hard to get going with. thanks in advance.

User Info: Sir_Thomas

7 years ago#2
Poland seems to get wiped out a lot. It is surrounded by enemies. England and Spain are the easiest to play. They are relatively well protected by barriers, and they have a good chance to dominate the Americas and the trade zones early on. Poland is hard pressed to even get a port.

User Info: mattbazz

7 years ago#3
If you have the faction mod i'd say the Knights of Malta, followed closely by the Crimean Kharnate.

But yeah, from the Vanilla game I'd go with Poland too.
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User Info: executor_elder

7 years ago#4
I hear the Ottomans have a real tough time of it. Poor units, little for an economy, lots of enemies. Apparently on the toughest setting it can be near impossible.
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User Info: TheKillstar

7 years ago#5
Austria is difficult because the regiments are so large that when you take losses it's hugely expensive to replace your troops. Combine that with the crappy soldiers and you've got to watch how you deploy or you can bankrupt with one army.

User Info: wedgeskywalker9

7 years ago#6
I'd say Ottoman, to do well with Poland just trade West Prussia for East Prussia and the only early war your going to get is Sweden. You basically get to pick and choose who you war with after that.

Easiest is France. You can take London on turn two no problem, and churn out 5 units per turn in France itself, assembling a full stack to take Amsterdam a few turns later. After that it's smooth sailing all the way through.
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User Info: squitsquat

7 years ago#7

Ottomans, every country you border except for two hates you and will most likely invade you

User Info: Hambone2010

7 years ago#8
Ottomans......Austria is cake and Poland is probably second

User Info: Sir_Thomas

7 years ago#9
I've played successfully as the Ottomans several times. The key is to locate the army in Armenia, and move it north to merge with the city so the Georgians don't invade on the first turn. A military presence dissuades them long enough to build more units. First objectives: knock out Georgia and Dagestan. Get trade with other countries. The Ottomans start with grenade tech; sell that to England, France, even Sweden. Just don't sell it to Austria or Russia. If you have the special forces edition, you start with organ guns; one organ gun battery can turn a regiment into hamburger. Unlike some of the special forces units, organ guns have no limit.

User Info: Hambone2010

7 years ago#10
I am playing Ottomans VH/VH now and they are the hardest compared to the other factions imo.I dont have Organ guns though.I have beaten just about all the factions and Ottomans gave me the first challenge in a while
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