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User Info: D33P3ND

7 years ago#1

I finaly have a good enough computer to rune "ETW", but i'm wondering if I should get this "NTW" because it is a newer game.So I just have a few questions for the forum so that you guys can help me buy the right one.

Q1. How much differance is there between the two?

The answer can include anything from the graphic differance to the gameplay and everything in between, but I'm mostly interested in the fact of weather they have added some features to "NTW" that are realy game changing developments. So in other words I would like to know if there is anything realy good that "NTW" has that "ETW" doesn't and make sure to elaborate on exactly how these exclusive features are better.

Note: I know that one is newer, but from what i have seen it doesn't seem like there is that much of adifference apart from some gameplay modifacations and a handful of new options.

Q2. How dead is the multiplayer?

So the question pretty much speaks for its self, ,but i am just wandering if this game has alot of multyplayers or is it more like star was galaxies. I would also like to know if everybody who played "ETW" decided to jump ship as soon as
"NTW" came out and if there servers are still populated. And finaly I want to know if there is some sort of friend interfacing system built into the game or will I have to use steams Friend system.

Note: I am a noob when it comes to these genre of games so if I do end up buying one of these I will appreciate any help I can get when it comes to multyplayer or the game in general for that matter.

Q3. Are there any technical concers to worry about with either game?

I see people complaining about both of the games crashing all of the time and I'm just wandering if these issues have been fixed since there releases or have the develpors left this game to die.I would perfer if i can get specifics on a reacuring problem that many people are having with either game, but please keep it to the problems that would make or break buying the game.

Example: Game crashes, error's, failure to load.

I thank you ahead of time for your answers and help. :)

User Info: D33P3ND

7 years ago#2

My final question is how well I can run this game if I can run it at all.

My specs:

Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @2.60GHZ, 32-bit

Memory: 3.00 GB Ram

Graphic: nVidia GeForce 210

Display: 1600x900

Sound: I do not know how to check for my sound card.

Hardrive: 285.56 GB

P.S Should I buy the hard copy of this game or the Steam version?

User Info: SonicBoom344

7 years ago#3
1. Quite a bit, I'd say. Napoleon has a new physics engine, so visuals and realistic behavior for bullets and cannonballs are improved. One of the biggest changes (in my opinion) is the map.

-In Empire, you basically have three continents to fight on, four if you count a portion of Africa. The biggest map is Europe, which is like the other Total War games. Then there's a map of North America, which extends to almost the western end of modern-day Mexico. Lastly, there's India, which covers the entire sub-continent and a tiny bit of the surrounding area. There are also maps called Trade Nodes, which are mainly used for getting resources via merchant ships. These include the coasts of South America, South Africa, East Africa, and Indonesia.

-In Napoleon, the main Campaign map is simply Europe, but it is much bigger and more detailed than previous Total War games, with many more provinces. However, there are actually several smaller Campaigns, which take place in the Italian peninsula, and Egypt. However, during all these campaigns, only the French are playable. However, there is a Campaign of the Coalition, which allows you to play as Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia.

There's a change in diplomacy, as Napoleon gives you more options, such has requesting a nation to perform a trade embargo on another faction.

There is also a change in the Battle AI and the Campaign AI in Napoleon, and many players say that it is better.

For your question on weather effects, it affects them both on the campaign map and the battle map. On the campaign map, units can suffer attrition damage in harsh conditions like deserts and frozen tundra. Stationing troops in a city will keep them safe from the heat and cold though. On the battle map, if it rains, weapons using gunpowder will be more likely to misfire.

Also, Empire has about 57 factions, with 12 playable in the campaign. Napoleon has about 40 factions, with five playable in the campaign. However, not all of the factions are in the main campaign of Napoleon, some are only in the Italian and Egyptian campaigns.

Overall, it's like you said, there's not too much of a difference, Napoleon just refined a bit the gameplay in a few areas.

2. Unfortunately I have yet to play multi-player on either, so I can't say for certain. However, from what I hear, they both have quite a few people playing.

3. I heard the same thing, about people calling the game "nigh unplayable", crashes every other turn, crash to desktop every few minutes and such. However, I bought both games and have never had it freeze or crash on me. From what I hear, the patches fix most of the bad glitches, and it's now about the same as the other Total War games.

4. While I'm not an expert on this, it looks like you can run it. However, I would wait until someone more experienced comes into the topic. Also, for the last question, it doesn't really matter.

Empire: Total War
The game comes in two versions, Standard and Special Forces. However, the Special Forces edition is much harder to find in my opinion, as it can't be bought on Steam or in most stores. It comes with five extra faction-specific units. I would say get the standard edition, unless you can find the Special Forces edition and want the extra units.

Napoleon: Total War
The Steam version comes in two main versions, Standard and Imperial. The standard version is just the game, no bells and whistles. The Imperial Edition contains the Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars units, which adds ten units.

The boxed version, provided you get the Limited Edition, gives you the Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars units, and The Elite Regiment Units which includes another five units. I don't think these can be bought separately, so The Elite Regiment units are exclusive to boxed versions. Plus it's only $29.99 in stores compared to Steam. I'd say get the boxed version.

Sorry for the long post. -_-

User Info: Shadowfire14

7 years ago#4
As for whether or not you can run it, that is probably going to hinge on your GPU and not necessarily on your CPU at this point. Your CPU should be fine, but I have no real reference point for that. Since you're running a 32-bit processor, that means that your OS is also 32-bit so RAM is no issue for you, but it would help to know which OS you were running (Vista and 7 have higher RAM requirements than XP, but again, that shouldn't be too big).

Going back to GPU, since it's on the low end of the 2XX line of geForce cards, I would need to know the dedicated VRAM (video RAM) before I could hazard a good guess as to whether or not you could run it well on various settings. I personally run a 260m with 1 GB of VRAM for reference.

Overall I'd say you would likely be able to run both (NTW actually runs better at the Campaign map because there is far less going on than in ETW, but battles take a bit more in NTW).

As for hard or Steam, I'd rather have a hard copy just so that I have physical proof of my purchase and a physical card with my activation number on it. That and with a hard copy, your install might be faster depending on your connection.
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User Info: D33P3ND

7 years ago#5

I apreciate the help and I would like you guys to know that you have answered most of my questions. I would also like tothank you for the information about my computer chances, but I am getting realy tired of this constant fight over wether or not I will have the right graphic requirments to play this game. So I have decided to buy an alienware and just say **** it" to caring about graphics. And just incase if your wandering if I'm a rich bastard who can afford an alien ware out of the blue I'm not! I have been saving for months to afford and alienware with some good custimizations and I'm only 3 months from being able to afford the one I want, but I digress.

So thank you for your help and I hope that this post will help out anyone else who has these same questions.

User Info: lovehate111

7 years ago#6
I thought the special forces units could be bought as DLC (like Elite Units of America etc) if you didn't buy the special forces edition when it came out.
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User Info: MindlessTeef

7 years ago#7

lovehate111 posted...
I thought the special forces units could be bought as DLC (like Elite Units of America etc) if you didn't buy the special forces edition when it came out.
Pearl FC: 4811 4637 0715

You can indeed, I would advise to get all the extra Unit DLC's if buying Empire...

@OP; Geforce 210 is maybe a little low-end... why don't you rather install the Steam client (if you don't have it allready), head over to the Steam online store and download the ETW demo to see how well the game runs on your PC.

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