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User Info: Tenken

10 years ago#1
1. Unlocking anime characters
- GX characters
- Original anime characters
- Tag Duel anime characters
2. Unlocking Tournaments
3. Unlocking Image
- Duel Disks
- Cloths
- Hair Styles
4. Others



Yuki Judai/Jaden Yuki
Method: Clear the Chaos Neos stone challenge

Manjoume Thunder/Chazz Princeton
Method: Clear the VWXYZ stone challenge

Tenjoin Fubuki/Atticus Rhodes
Method: Clear the Neo Daedalus stone challenge

Tyranno Kenzan/Tyranno Hassleberry
Method: Clear the Master of OZ stone challenge

Method: Clear the Phantom of Chaos Armytile stone challenge

Professor Cobra/Thelonius Viper
Method: Clear the Venominaga stone challenge

Johan Andersen/Jesse Andersen
Method: Clear the Rainbow Dragon stone challenge

Amon Garam/Adrian Gecko
Method: Clear the Exodius stone challenge

Martin Kanou/Marcel Bonaparte
Method: Clear the Master Exxodd stone challenge

Austin O Brien/Axel Brodie
Method: Defeat the Dragon/Cerberus team in World of Darkness

Hell Kaiser Ryo/Dark Zane
Method: Defeat the last Guardian at the World of Order

Marufuji Sho/Syrus Truesdale
Method: Defeat all 5 decks of the Grace world guardian

Tenjoin Asuka/Alexis Rhodes
Method: Clear all 5 challenges in the underwater map

Misawa Daichi/Bastion Misawa
Method: Win all the structure duels in the colloseum

Edo Phoenix
Method: Clear all 5 guardian challenges in World of Darkness


Method: Clear all stone seal challenges

Method: Defeat Kaibaman once

Katsuya Jounochi/Joey Wheeler
Method: Clear 6 stone seal challenges

Pegasus J Crawford/Maximillion Pegasus
Method: Clear all Sphynx's challenges

Method: Use traps 500 times total

Kujaku Mai/Mai Valentine
Method: Use spells 750 times total

Bandit Keith
Method: Total summon 1000 times

Isis Ishtar
Method: 100 hours of gameplay

Malik Ishtar
Method: 200 hours of gameplay


Junko + Momoe / Jasmine + Mindy
Method: total tag duels 50 times

Manjoume + Asuka / Chazz + Alexis
Method: total tag duels 100 times

Johan + Judai / Jesse + Jaden
Method: total tag duels 150 times

Kaiba + Yugi
Method: total tag duels 200 times

Jounochi + Yugi / Joey + Yugi
Method: Use YuJyo successfully in a duel

Taniya + Misawa
Method: Summon water dragon in a duel successfully

Bakura + Malik
Method: Win using Oujia Board/Destiny Board

Hell Kaiser + Principal Samejima / Zane + Sheppard
Method: have a monster with ATK of 20000 in a duel

Yubel + Martin / Yubel + Marcel
Method: have 10000DP
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User Info: Tenken

10 years ago#2


Unlock 15 level 1 tournament opponents in Single Duel

Level 1 opponents are:
Stray Lamb, Jerry Beans Man, Winged Kuriboh, Reaper on the Nightmare
The Unhappy Maiden, Elemental Mistress Driad, St. Joan, Hino Kagu Tsuchi
Spirit of the Pharaoh, Otohime, D Hero Disc Commander, Dark Scorpion Menae
King of the Skull Servants, Watapon, Petit Dragon, Gravekeeper Chief
Kaiser Seahorse, Curse of the Vampire, Aquarian Alessa, Marie the Fallen One
Dark Magician Girl, E HERO Lady Heat, Il Blud, Chrysalis Dolphin


Unlock 15 level 2 tournament opponents in Single Duel, must have Easy unlocked

Level 2 opponents are:
Manju of the 10,000 Hands, Airknight Parshath, Gear Golem the Moving Fortress
Ojama Yellow, Woodborg Inpachi, Silpheed, SandMoth, Water Dragon, Gemini Elf
Luster Dragon 2, Molten Zombie, Neo Space Pathfinder, Volcanic Doomfire
Light Effigy, Poison Cloud, Voltanis, Blowback Dragon, Kozaky, Shogun Shien
Sabersaurus, D.D. Warrior Lady, Sacred Phoenix Nephytis, Injection Fairy Lily


Unlock 20 level 3 tournament opponents in Single Duel, Easy, Medium unlocked

Level 2 opponents are:
All of the anime characters, Demise, Cyberdark Dragon, Heraklinos
Vortex Kong, Evil Hero Hell Gainer, Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon


Unlock 15 opponent teams in Tag Duel



Academy Disk
Method: Default

Academy Disk Red
Method: Win Tag Tournament once

Academy Disk Yellow
Method: Win 10 Single Duels

Alchemy Disk
Method: Defeat Judai/Jaden 10 times

Gorgeous Disk
Method: Defeat Johan/Jesse 10 times

Kaibaman Disk
Method: Defeat Kaiba 10 times

Amazoness Disk
Method: Win all the structure duels in the colloseum

Standard Disk
Method: Defeat Yugi 10 times

Black Disk
Method: Defeat Jounochi/Joey 10 times

Girl's Disk
Method: Defeat Asuka/Alexis 10 times

Pharaoh's Disk
Method: Defeat Malik 10 times

OBrien/Axel's Disk
Method: Clear the World of Civilization

Amon/Adrian's Disk
Method: Clear the Exodios Seal Challenge

Yubel Disk
Method: Clear the Venominaga Seal Challenge

Alien Disk
Method: Unlock all opponents in tag duel (unconfirmed)

Vampire Disk
Method: Unlock all opponents in single duel (unconfirmed)
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User Info: Tenken

10 years ago#3

Red Uniform
Method: Default

Brown Jumper
Method: Default

Yellow Uniform
Method: Have 400 total duels

Blue Uniform
Method: Unlock all GX anime characters in Single Duel

Method: Unlock all original anime characters in Single Duel (unconfirmed)

T Shirt
Method: Have 200 total duels

Method: Clear all the Seal Stone Challenges

King/Queen Coat
Method: Card collection rate 85%

Academia Jersey
Method: Unlock all the GX anime character in Tag Duel (unconfirmed)

White Jacket/Gothic
Method: Clear the world of Civilization

Moonlight/Clerk Uniform
Method: Win Easy, Medium, Hard, Tag Tournament

Elf Swordsman/Dark Magician Girl
Method: Clear the world of Order

E Hero Neos/Cyber Tutu
Method: Have 100% card completion rate

Method: 5 times win on 20 Tag Team Opponents

Kaibaman Coat/Harpy Lady Costume
Method: 5 times win on 70 Single Duel Opponents


Hair 12
Method: Clear all the Seal Stone Challenges

Hair 13
Method: Card collection rate 85%


Recipe Mode
Method: Card collection rate 90%

1 Forbidden card allowed banlist
Method: Card collection rate 90%

View Mode
Method: Card collection rate 80%
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User Info: Gibbeynator

10 years ago#4
I really think that the Yellow Disk is unlocked by winning 10 duels in a row, but I'm not sure. I know that I only had 3 victories in CPU Duel when I unlocked it.
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User Info: AsylumSmash

10 years ago#5
You spelled clothes wrong. Just saying. Good job on everything else.
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User Info: hoffa285

10 years ago#6
SWEET thank you so much =D


User Info: hoffa285

10 years ago#7
bumpdy bump =O

User Info: chorikawa

10 years ago#8
Great Job! I'm looking forward to the guide when it is finish.
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User Info: Tenken

10 years ago#9
I just realise I'm missing one more outfit , if I'm not mistaken the reqs for that is to unlock ALL single duelist opponents

the 5 wins on 20 tag opponents = Night Light (male), not sure whats the female outfit is
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User Info: qashqai88

10 years ago#10
i somehow unlocked the clothing "stuffy collared shirt", either it was by unlocking malik through 200 hours playtime or defeating bakura 10 times dunno.

you get the egyptian duel disk by defeating malik 10 times

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