Dark Armed Dragon OTK?

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User Info: UltimateWai

9 years ago#1
Sorry if I'm being annoying or sound dumb, but could you tell me how the DADOTK works and the standard deck for it? Honestly I don't understand how it works or why it's so hyped about.

Before you rain flames of doom upon me, I'll have you know I've been out of the metagame some time, when the most cookie-cutter'd deck was Demise OTK.
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User Info: iou5bucks

9 years ago#2
well u objective is to get out DAD, clear the field and than play dd fusion to summon back all ur monsters that were removed from play and attack for the kill. thats the basics of it. there's variations in the decks but the purpose is still the same but before u go out and starting making DAD, they are expensive as ****. just to let you know >_>
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User Info: greenman89

9 years ago#3
Dark Armed Dragon alone is worth $275 a piece, and most decks run 3 of them.
Destiny Draw are $70 each which use 3 of each.
Allure of Darkness is $50, which DAD decks use 3 of.

thats only 9 cards out of the deck already, which pile up around:


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