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User Info: glitchy_virus

8 years ago#1
Ok, after A LOT of trial-and-error, I have finally made a re-make of goku4ever03's Blasting the Ruins FTK. Note that this is in-game, which is why I don't have golden bamboo sword or allure of darkness or anything. Even though that is true, it works REALLY well. So r/f.

NOTE: Credit to goku4ever03 for the new decktype I could make, making it look very fun (which it is), and for a "template" for me to work on. Search "ruins" to find the original topic.

Deck Count: 42
Banlist: Um...The newest one that was available for download (I think it is March).

1x Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
1x Dark Magician of Chaos
1x Destiny Hero - Disk Commander
3x Destiny Hero - Dogma
3x Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster
1x Destiny Hero - Plasma
3x Royal Magical Library

1x Card Destruction
3x Destiny Draw
1x Giant Trunade
3x Hand Collapse (Hand Destruction)
1x Magical Mallet
1x Magical Stone Excavation
1x Monster Reborn
1x Premature Burial
1x The Warrior Returning Alive
3x Toon Table of Contents
3x Trade-In
3x Upstart Goblin

2x Blasting the Ruins
2x Life Equalizer
1x Wall of Revealing Light
2x Solemn Judgment

Strategy: Draw through the whole deck, make sure there are at least 30 cards in the grave, and make sure Blasting the Ruins, Life Equalizer, And Wall of Revealing Light are set. Start opponent's turn, and activate Wall of Revealing Light. Give up 7000 Life Points. Then activate Life Equalizer (or Blasting the Ruins first if you choose to chain everything). Then activate Blasting of Ruins (or Life Equalizer of you are chaining everything) and win.

BETD: Trade-in fodder and searchable by TTOC
DMoC: Trade-in fodder and rebornable for another spell for RML or just to continue drawing
Dogma, Dreadmaster, Plasma: Suitible for BOTH Trade-in and Destiny Draw. NOT used for attacking
Trunade: Re-use PB, feeling uneasy about opponent's facedowns, or return your cards for discarding
Magical Mallet: For those "WTF is this hand?!" moments.
MSE: Re-use desperatley needed spells, RML fodder, discard-friendly.
MR, PB: Revive Disk Commander, DMoC, or an opponent's monster for defence (MR only of course).
TWRA: If you need another monster for DD/TI/RML, otherwise for discarding
TTOC: Deck-thining, free Trade-in monster, and/or discard
2 BtR, 2 LE: Ok, either I NEVER got them, or I had to discard them, leading to a loss. This way, I can discard without fear, have 6000 damage availabe if no more LEs, and use the LEs for defence.
SJ: In case you went second, and are afraid of OTK negation. Or to survive for another turn if you couldn't draw one whole turn. Otherwise, for discard. Also, the LP reduction is MORE than welcome.
WoRL: Either to survive a few turns, or to drop LP's To 1000 or less for LE.
Brawl wins an internet...
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