To get Fatima's ending (Spoilers)

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User Info: darylyan680

4 years ago#1
Here are the choices you must choose:

Chapter 3 - Choice #2 "You should cooperate.

Chapter 8 - Choice #1 "Ask about Fatima's plan.

Chapter 11 - Choice #2 "Why use the Demon Blade?"
Then again Choice #2 "We should work together.

Chapter 13 - Choice #1 "Ask about Farham."

Chapter 15 - Choice #2 "To save the world!"

Chapter 18 - Choice #1, "To protect the people"
Then again Choice #2 "There's no true justice."

Chapter 21 - Choice #2 "We have to cooperate!"
Then again Choice #2 "This is Master's will."
Then again Choice #2 "We have the same goal."
Courage is the Magic that Turns Dreams into Reality
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