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User Info: DukeZero

6 years ago#1
One of the things that bother me to no end is how the same 5 questions seem to be asked repeatedly on Inazuma Eleven gamefaqs boards. Now that I finally got a version of the game I can understand, I’ve decided to make a board FAQ with as many of the common questions I can think of answered. I’m skipping some stuff, though, since the ingame tutorials do a well enough job. Note that this is still a first draft, and that I’ve been using information from the Japanese version at points, which I haven’t been able to verify in the EU version yet.

Table of contents
1. General
2. Recruiting
3. Training
4. Story mode help/tips

1. General

What do all the stats do?
FP: Comparable to HP, this stat drops as your player runs around the pitch or uses basic commands. When your players have lower FP, they are slower and get stat penalties.
TP: The game’s equivalent to MP, you need to pay TP in order to use techs.
Kick: This stat influences the strength of your shots, the length of your passes and how hard it is to intercept your passes.
Body: The higher your Body stat is, the more effective your dribble skills and techs are. It also influences the effectiveness of your block and save commands/techs (about 20% as much as Guard)
Control: Higher control enhances your dribble abilities (though only 25% as much as Body does). Control also influences how much your shots on the goal deviate off course, and having a low control stat makes it more likely for your players to mess up when making/receiving a pass.
Guard: The main stat to determine how strong your block/save commands and techs are.
Speed: This is movement speed on the pitch, simple as that.
Stamina: Stamina influences the rate your FP drops during play.
Guts: Guts increases the strength of your shots (by about 20% as much as kick does), the general effectiveness of your techs, and the chances of winning a duel for a pass.

Does it matter whether I put players in their default position?
No, the game doesn’t award any bonuses or penalties for putting players in certain positions. Look at the players’s stats, the kind of techs he has, and make your decision based on that.

How do I change the players in my main squad?
Talk to Headmaster Firewill in front of the Football club room to change the 16 players in your Story and Connect squads.

Where do I find all the keys?
Athletics club key: Talk to the cat in the lower part of the Tower area, Chapter 2 and up.
Baseball club key: Can be found in a chest near the pool starting Chapter 3.
Gym key: Starting chapter 6, a chest holding this key can be found at the entrance of the River Bank map.
Dojo key: Lies in a chest in the small alley to the left of Rairai, Chapter 6 and up.
Swimming club key: This one can be found in a chest in the swimming pool changing rooms (bottom door of the building right next to the pool) in chapter 7 and beyond.
Cycling club key: Talk to the little girl in the middle of the park in front of Mark’s House in Chapter 9 or up to get this key.

There’s two more keys, one for the building next to the tower, and another for the room on the first floor of the Gym. Those keys will most likely become available as WiFi downloads later on.

How do I play against Layton’s team?
After clearing the main story, you can randomly find them in the Flash training facility.
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User Info: DukeZero

6 years ago#2
2. Recruiting

When do I get to recruit players from rival teams?
Inazuma Kids FC: After clearing the main story
Occult: After the feature is introduced in Chapter 4
Umbrella: After clearing the main story
Wild: After the feature is introduced in Chapter 4
Brainwashing: Starting Chapter 5
Street Sally’s: After clearing the main story
Otaku: Starting Chapter 6
Royal Academy: Starting Chapter 9
Raimon Veterans: After clearing the main story
Shuriken: Starting Chapter 8
Farm: Starting Chapter 9
Kirkwood: Starting Chapter 10
Zeus: After clearing the main story

Why can’t I recruit ____?
There’s a couple of players that can’t be recruited in this game: Millie from Inazuma Kids FC, Edwards from Umbrella, Sally and Jones from Street Sally’s, Seymour and Island from Raimon Veterans, Aphrodite and Poseidon from Zeus and Layton, Luke, Flora, Chelmey, Don Paolo and Anthony from Layton’s team .

Note that you can only recruit a maximum of 5 players from each rival team. After all, they need to have 11 players to field a team.

Where can I find the special recruits?
There’s a couple of players in this game that will join without having to go to Celia or Nelly to recruit them.

Peabody: Talk 9 times to him on the ground floor of the main building, 9 times under the club rooms, and 9 times to the left of the tennis courts.
Miles: Can be randomly found in the athletics club.
Boomer: Can be randomly found in the baseball club.
Jeeling: Can be randomly found in the tennis club.
Gaunt: Can be randomly found in the swimming pool changing room.
Jump: Can be randomly found in the gym, on the stands on the first floor.
Saggy: Find his sunglasses in the main building, at the bottom left area of the lockers by the entrance, and his boots above the building to the right of the tower, and talk to him in the electronics store. Both items aren’t hidden in chests, just press A when the star icon appears above Mark.
Erik: Enter the hospital with Bobby in your group on the day of the match against Kirkwood or later.

What is the guy in the chess club’s name?
His name is Chester. [Credit goes to LuigiMaster]

3. Training

How does training work?
In this game, there are two ways to increase the stats of your players outside of gaining levels. You can spend FP at training points to increase the stats of one member, or you can train at the Flash training center (starting Chapter 4) to increase the stats of all the members in your 16 man team.

Each time you spend FP on a stat at a training point, the cost of increasing stats is increased by 50 FP the next time. You can only increase a stat up to 50 points above what it would normally be. In total, you can only give a character up to 50 additional points this way. If you go above this total, points will be deduced from a different stat to balance it out.

For example, when you put 50 points in Guard for Mark, and then start to increase his Kick, points will be taken from Control. Sadly, I haven’t been able to experiment with this a lot considering how obscene the FP costs get later on.

Where can I increase stat X at training points?
Kick: Tower, River Bank Pitch
Body: Inazuma Station
Control: Park in front of Mark’s House
Guard: Shopping Area
Speed: Running track near the Baseball Field
Stamina: Ground Floor of the West School Building
Guts: Above the soccer pitch in the shopping area
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User Info: DukeZero

6 years ago#3
Where can I find good tech manuals?
You can buy the manuals for the shooting techs Divine Arrows, Reflect Buster, dribble techs Dash Storm and Boost Glider, and defensive tech Mega Quake from Mr. Veteran standing in front of the main school building after clearing the main story.

You can get Emperor Penguin #2 as a drop from Royal Academy (and randomly from chests in the Flash Training Center during chapter 10 only), Bamboo Pattern as a drop from Farm, Hurricane Arrows as a drop from Kirkwood, and Divine Stomp as a drop from Layton’s team.

How can I copy skills?
By talking to Mr. Veteran standing under the building next to the tower, you can copy a skill you’ve taught using a skill manual to another player for a fee.

4. Story Mode tips

Where can I find the Raimon Veterans?
Barista is at the Tower map, Builder is in the shopping arcade, and Gladstone is at the Station.

Misc match info
Occult: Around halfway in the first half, Team Occult will use the Ghost Lock, score a goal. The first half will end right after that. In the second half, pass the ball to Kevin in the goal area. The keeper will stop his Dragon Crush, but the next time you do this he will learn the Dragon Tornado and score a goal.
Wild: You can’t get past the keeper unless you use Inazuma Drop first. Their keeper will stop any other shots without fault.
Brainwashing: They have infinite TP
Otaku: Before going to the maid café, remove everyone you plan to use except Mark and Axel from your team. Everyone else in your 16 man main party will have their stats temporarily dropped to 1, but all your reserves will be unaffected.
Farm: Their keeper has infinite TP, and I have the feeling he auto blocks anything but the Inazuma Break. Be sure to put Jude in as a forward.
Kirkwood: No matter how much you trained Mark, only Triple Defense will be enough to block Triangle Z. Don’t bother using Majin the Hand.
Zeus: They have infinite TP during the first half only.

Allright, my first draft's done.Any comments/corrections are greatly appreciated.
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User Info: GrimEyes

6 years ago#4
Cool FAQ bro. b(^_^)>
Memento Mori

User Info: GrimEyes

6 years ago#5
I requested that this gets stickied.
Memento Mori

User Info: Rob_love

6 years ago#6
A small correction, Brain have infinite TP until you use your new skill (in spanish it's named "super relampago", not sure about the name in english"), after that they awake from the brainwash and have to use TP.

User Info: DukeZero

6 years ago#7
Looks like Super Relampago is Inazuma-1 in the english version. I never noticed this, considering how I didn't teach anyone that skill until the Royal Academy match or so. Thanks for the info.

I'd rather not have this stickied yet, since this is only a first draft. Keeping it bumped with corrections and added info should be enough for now.

I'd like to request people to keep an eye on what the teams in Sonny Raimon's postgame match tree drop. Apart from the extra strong Zeus team, those teams are a new addition to the European version, and it's possible they drop manuals for techs that didn't have obtainable manuals in the japanese version, such as Fire Rooster or Infinite Wall.
Knid of lkie ew **** up teh engilsh lagnuage?- Lourde Incarnadine

User Info: rotate1991

6 years ago#8
If its not asking too much, do you think you could include a list of students in Raimon that would make good recruits? Great guide by the way!
(message deleted)

User Info: Angemon_23

6 years ago#10
Nice job DukeZero. Are you sure about Millie not being recruitable? It wasn't on the Jp version, but someone here mentioned it was:

Posts 6 and 7.
"Angemon_23 already rocked this topic to its very core, and everyone since is just posting in the ashes." - GradyHoover
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