This is pretty racist

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User Info: sheistyt

10 years ago#71
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User Info: sheistyt

10 years ago#72
Here is a list of starters that had winning seasons at one point and were part of teams that were considered super bowl contenders while they were starters.

Daunte Culpepper
Donovan McNabb
Steve McNair
Warren Moon
Randall Cunningham
Jeff Blake
Quincy Carter
Aaron Brooks
Kordell Stewart

and for you history buffs true legends of the game and QB postion.

Charlie "Choo Choo" Brackins (lsot 4 out of 37 games for the Packers)
Frederick (Fritz) Pollard
James Harris
Rodney Peete

FYI not winning a Super Bowl doesn't mean you were sorry. Next thing you know this topic will be about black coaches. Before it goes that way don't forget about Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy guiding the colts and bears to the super bowl last year.

But if bowls are important:

Doug Williams

Later we can discuss the ridicule Black quarterbacks get for scrambling, while pocket passing is becoming nonexistent on the professional level.

User Info: Strombada

9 years ago#73
Daunte Culpepper
Jeff Blake
Quincy Carter
Aaron Brooks

Culpepper was decent for a few years, but hasn't been the same since Moss left him.

The other three are laughable.

- Blake was one of a few mediocre intermediaries between Boomer's retirement and Palmer's time.

- Carter was a flop for Dallas just before Romo took over.

- Brooks had one good season before flopping and getting replaced by Brees.
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