Muramasa Information Dump

    7 years ago #41
    Fortune Strike: Execute a Second Chance/Recovery Tech in battle.
    Wealthy Discovery: Finish a battle While On Top of an item

    My best blades: Oboro Muramasa and the Earth Hornet III one of course..But the other weapon...this may seem surprising, but with the Narukami Bracelet this weapon is the best in the game: The one with Ghost Blow. That move + infinite soul = spam to infinity. I've had it fill the screen during one boss battle xD You never have to move and it makes you invinicible; I was able to eat the Pheasant Stew, go to the Dragon boss lair, and ALMOST finish it before the effect wore off: I only failed because I'd been using Comet II at first. *My Kisuke fails* It took one Comet II to finish what the Ghost Blow left behind. I did not get the Nio Bracelet though, and I cannot remember where my Momo got it...
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