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    7 years ago #48
    Was anyone aware that you can use a sword's own Strength/Vitality bonus to keep it equipped?

    That is to say, if you are using an Accessory to equip a sword and said sword has a stat boosting Effect, that Effect may let you keep it equipped without need of the Accessory! Provided it raises your stats to the required level, of course.

    Just for example, say you want to equip the Oboro Muramasa, but your stats are about 5 points shy of the requirement. So you equip the Demon God's Mask(Str/Vit+5) and equip Oboro. You can then remove the mask, letting the Oboro's own Str/Vit+7 Effect maintain the required stat level.

    This isn't the most useful of tidbits, but this seems like the right place post it and I haven't seen it mentioned yet.