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User Info: triAce_Fanboy

8 years ago#21
Kisuke's The Grand Hot Pot Vol.2 is in a building in Musashi.
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User Info: GeminiDeus

8 years ago#22
Hey Gen, thanks for including the bonus XP rewards list but I'd like to point out a couple mistakes for a revision.

Quick Win is: Defeat your enemy(ies) in 19 seconds or less
Persistent Fighter is: Finish a battle while Burned or Poisoned
Extended Battle I believe is: Battle lasts 1:20 or longer
Repelled Attacks I believe is: Repel at least one projectile

As I stated before in my topic, I tend to get 19 seconds quite often and get the Quick Win bonus (but no bonus with 20 seconds or longer). Persistent Fighter I'm certain mean you need to have a status condition when the battle ends. I've gotten burned/poisoned during a battle and recovered from it before the battled ended and didn't get the bonus. With Extended Battle, I'm pretty sure I've had a match last longer than one minute but less than 1:20 and didn't get the bonus XP. And on Repelled Attacks, I had a battle yesterday where I only recall repelling one projectile and got the bonus.

Thanks again for the inclusion of the list and the whole info dump in its entirety! If you or no one else gets around to it, I'll try finding out specifically the requirements for Extended Battle and Repelled Attacks.
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User Info: Gen2000

8 years ago#23
Oh thanks for the correction I thought I fixed it but guess I copy/pasted it too fast from the original thread, sorry about that. That's why I have links to the original threads if possible.

If anyone has important information like that that's commonly asked then just posted up I was just going through old threads at the time and trying to compile the info here.
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I think some foods give special effect status, but some are not listed in the game, I'm not sure, but in fact I adquired Ninja Socks status by consuming something, I really can't remember what was.
I'm not sure if it has been posted yet, but you can scroll the map -the large ingame map- by crouching and pressing diagonal forward or backward, it avoid the character move while you sidescroll the map, very usefull.

User Info: Davitu

7 years ago#26
Just wondering if any1 is willing to post info on wat each accessorys does

User Info: GeminiDeus

7 years ago#27
Found out some information on a couple of the XP bonuses.

Returning Conqueror: Have 10% health or lower when a battle finishes

Found this out on Momohime earlier today. She's level 99 and with over 9300 health. I ended one battle with a little over 1000 health and didn't get the bonus. I ended another battle shortly thereafter with just over 900 health and got the bonus. I got into a few more battles with around the same health and continued getting the Returning Conqueror bonus.

Wealthy Discover does not have to do with picking up an item from the map during a battle. I can definitely confirm this as I went into numerous maps with an item and enemies earlier today and did not get the bonus. The fact of the matter is, I don't know how to get Wealthy Discovery. I only recall having gotten that bonus just one time in all my battles so this bonus needs more research.

I was wrong about Repelled Attacks in that I thought you needed to only repel just one projectile. Seems that not even two repelled projectiles will get you the bonus. If anyone knows of a map where there is just one enemy who constantly respawns when you enter the map and throws projectiles, let me know where it is or at the very least, try to find out the precise number of repelled projectiles to receive the bonus.

As for Fortune Strike, I still can't figure the darn thing out. I was beginning to think it might have to do with attacking your enemy from behind but that isn't it. Then I thought maybe it was taking advantage of your enemy while they're down but that isn't it either. I've been trying to find out if maybe it is as one person suggested and that it could be you attack your enemy after they've attacked you (but missed) or something along those lines.

I was going to post this information in my topic but it seems it just got archived recently =(
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User Info: Bandesh

7 years ago#28
I recently came along those Butterflys and noticed that i always get a high fortune strike mark. Maybe it has to do with hitting a flying enemy in the air. Haven't verified it yet though...

User Info: Ken34

7 years ago#29
what are the 3 best end game swords?

User Info: janderklander

7 years ago#30
Those are Oboro Muramasa (obviously), the Thunderclap one (because it does strike where enemy is) and my favourite, the earth hornet III (used the most for bosses). All of those mixed with narukami bracelet are very useful (despite I would choose earth hornet III for the best because you can doom a boss to the death once you hit it in a certain moment).

Which ones are your best? ^o^
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