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Fortune Strike: Execute a Second Chance/Recovery Tech in battle.
Wealthy Discovery: Finish a battle While On Top of an item

My best blades: Oboro Muramasa and the Earth Hornet III one of course..But the other weapon...this may seem surprising, but with the Narukami Bracelet this weapon is the best in the game: The one with Ghost Blow. That move + infinite soul = spam to infinity. I've had it fill the screen during one boss battle xD You never have to move and it makes you invinicible; I was able to eat the Pheasant Stew, go to the Dragon boss lair, and ALMOST finish it before the effect wore off: I only failed because I'd been using Comet II at first. *My Kisuke fails* It took one Comet II to finish what the Ghost Blow left behind. I did not get the Nio Bracelet though, and I cannot remember where my Momo got it...
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Nvm, got the bracelet; I did the actual dungeon again.
Megaman Star Force 3 Black Ace FC: 3137-4559-6903
Playing: Grand Chase, SF3, Elsword

User Info: Enix_Cloud

7 years ago#43
Hmmmm, I just kept spamming ThunderCap, Gale II, and Flash III.
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User Info: JonathanLeung

7 years ago#44
I'm still missing just these two swords:

090| Mikazuki Munechika | Waning Moon | Kisuke's Special Boss reward
092| Onimaru Kunitsuna | Moon Ring 3 | Momohime's Special Boss reward

I equipped Momohime with the Tsukiotoshi and refought her final boss (or the big statue guy, anyway) and didn't get the Onimaru Kunitsuna. What am I doing wrong? I have all the rest and am at Level 99...
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User Info: JonathanLeung

7 years ago#45
I think I realized my error. I'm supposed to equip BOTH swords earned from the first endings on each character, not just the sword they alone earned, aren't I?
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User Info: meeqs

7 years ago#46
If anyone else got tired of navigating the forge tree in game, here's an image I made of it. The numbering follows roughly the order in which the blades are available.

Of course, I couldn't fit all the blade information on that picture, so here's the legend.


User Info: Gen2000

7 years ago#47
Nice work.
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User Info: anemosylva

7 years ago#48
Was anyone aware that you can use a sword's own Strength/Vitality bonus to keep it equipped?

That is to say, if you are using an Accessory to equip a sword and said sword has a stat boosting Effect, that Effect may let you keep it equipped without need of the Accessory! Provided it raises your stats to the required level, of course.

Just for example, say you want to equip the Oboro Muramasa, but your stats are about 5 points shy of the requirement. So you equip the Demon God's Mask(Str/Vit+5) and equip Oboro. You can then remove the mask, letting the Oboro's own Str/Vit+7 Effect maintain the required stat level.

This isn't the most useful of tidbits, but this seems like the right place post it and I haven't seen it mentioned yet.

User Info: Atersix

7 years ago#49
You should forge more swords once you have the chance to.
It's really helpful, when your swords break.

User Info: Nicolas

7 years ago#50
I've been searching everywhere: is there some kind of FAQ that lists what special arts do?

Many of them have effects I don't quite understand, and testing all of them is tedious.
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