Best zanpakuto for fujimaru ?

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  3. Best zanpakuto for fujimaru ?

User Info: slick_87

7 years ago#1
Which zanpakuto is most useful for Fujimaru ?
Im kinda stuck on which too pick, any idea?

User Info: MegaSTV

7 years ago#2
I find technique to be the best. It leads to having a really good technique user throughout the game. And some of the hardest 1v1's are against power users, unless of course, you run and kido-spam. But I don't do that.

The technique users are really lacking in this game.
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User Info: Bizzack

7 years ago#3
I'd say Tech, there's enough Speed and Power characters.
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User Info: frogdude142

7 years ago#4
heres the thing its just what what you want to pick because your bankai will be speed no matter tho if you pick tech IMO its the coolest looking release =P

User Info: gatta5

7 years ago#5

Go for tecg man its looks the best and the game has a need for good tech users during the story

User Info: slick_87

7 years ago#6
Tnx for the help:)
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  3. Best zanpakuto for fujimaru ?

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