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User Info: keekeepo

8 years ago#1
can anyone post some guides on how to beat sections they thought were really hard cause theres no faqs and its just anoying if your stuck.
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User Info: Bladenyte

8 years ago#2
this game isnt really all that hard... assuming your smart enough to have saved the game before each battle.
just reload that game, do some free battles to raise levels and try again.
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User Info: Prince_Hiroshi

8 years ago#3
If you find this guide a bit hard or need help with something, just post what you need help with on another topic. I'm sure people will be glad to help out.
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User Info: tyleraesnland

8 years ago#4
basiclly you guys don't want to write the faqs when you say that and are waiting for others to write it as well huh. I don't understand why this doesnt have a faq yet as well considering there is so much that people get confused with.

User Info: Mechafanboy

8 years ago#5
>> considering that faq writers are putting down hours of work for things which most people just dismiss and not read anyway. Yes. We are being selfish for wanting to do things other than collect information and writing a complete FAQ.

Trust me, it only sounds like a simple task, it takes quite a lot of time to organize, rip information,verify it not to mention just TYPING it all out isn't exactly a task that will do itself.

That said, we're still more than willing to help if you have specific questions so I don't see what the major problem with not having an FAQ out at the moment is. -> Visual novel goodness, and no, they're NOT eroge. Just very nice stories. =)
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User Info: LethalRedArmy

8 years ago#6
FAQ... I'm writing one, although I'm just an amateur.

The most difficult thing is "Events". I'm trying to list them fully.
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User Info: tyleraesnland

8 years ago#7
Well thank you for writing a faq I'd Honestly Write faqs to all the games I own but then I wouldnt have time to play any new games becuase I own like over 500 games.

User Info: Mechafanboy

8 years ago#8
@ LethalRedArmy, you're free to use whatever i've posted around the boards, though there won't be more coming for quite a while.

You don't even have to credit me because I really don't care at all :P -> Visual novel goodness, and no, they're NOT eroge. Just very nice stories. =)
Maaya Sakamoto is amazing~ <3 <3

User Info: Nitharad

8 years ago#9
I never did any free battles during Storyline and only lost one time ... and that was because I didn't know I couldn't let anyone die.
(It was the fight between Ishida/Chad/Orihime vs. Ulquiorra/Yammy before Reinforement arrived)
(stupid Orihime died =,=)

User Info: KholdStareMud

8 years ago#10
@ LethalRedArmy: I definitely don't consider you an amateur. You've written some very helpful guides that I enjoyed reading.
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