this and sigma 2 difficulty

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User Info: lightsidejedi

7 years ago#1
this is harder than sigma 2 is right? I played it a long time ago and really don't remember it all that well. I beat sigma 2 and had a lot of fun with it but this game on 360 kicked my butt if I remember right.

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User Info: NINFanboy

7 years ago#2
I definitely think this is way harder than Sigma 2. In fact, I believe Sigma 2 is the easiest NG game out there while NGII is the hardest - not counting MN mode, because I haven't finished the first game(s) on MN mode yet. But when it comes to Normal difficulties, NGII surely is the hardest one.

Between NGII and NGS2 there are lots of differences. The IS Ninjas seem to not spam ISs anymore (they rather just chuck one when they have nothing better to do), enemies have been removed (that epic stairway fight ain't the same anymore, neither is chapter 11 which became chapter 14 in NGS2), often there are fewer enemies on screen at a time (either to make it easier or for the framerate, whatever), some platforming sections have been modified as well, you don't pay for weapon upgrades anymore, etc.

However, NGS2's MN mode has the cheap OHK grab attack (it's OHK until your lifebar gets really long). In NGII the grabs don't kill you instantly. And Ayane's chapter is a pain in the ass on higher difficulties. Still, overall NGS2 is much easier.

Now don't get me wrong, I like NGS2. It's basically the polished, balanced, modified and easy version of NGII. But that's just why I like NGII more than NGS2 (and because of the gore as well).
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User Info: reim0027

7 years ago#3
IMO, NG2 is harder. But, it is hard for me to compare. I had already beaten MN many times on NG2 before I played NGS2. I breezed through NGS2 because of this. So, the comparison is difficult.

But, I still think NG2 is much harder.
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User Info: Rango

7 years ago#4
NG2 is gorier and missions are single player and the game is on 360.

Thus, it's > Sigma 2.

User Info: NINFanboy

7 years ago#5
^ I don't want to start a console war here, but how does NGII benefit from being on the 360? If it's just a personal matter of controller preference, fair enough, but even that is just an opinion.
"A flying saucer? You mean the kind from up there?" - Plan 9 From Outer Space

User Info: MurphysGhost

7 years ago#6
^ I had read that as being tongue-in-cheek, but... I suppose I'll let him answer.

The one thing I would think is that, for me, 360 is better because I can use custom soundtracks.

For some folks I'm sure it's not a big deal, but I'm a very musical person. Being able to play my own stuff while I get my game on really enhances my enjoyment, and I missed this feature a lot in NGS2 and God of War III.

A game like DMC4, for example, where a lot of the music is absolutely horrible... yeah, I really need my custom soundtracks. The 360's crappy d-pad is pain in that game and I'd STILL rather play it on 360 so I can avoid the music.

Some games it's just funny, the combinations you can come up with. Bayonetta and Big Daddy Kane? Hell, yeah... :)

User Info: NINFanboy

7 years ago#7
True, only a couple PS3 games support costum soundtracks (like Killzone 2 IIRC). However, I always play with the default soundtrack and I especially like the NGII soundtrack. "Standing Tall" (from stairway fight) and "Vengeance" (from the beginning of chapter 11) are my favorite tracks.
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User Info: SpiritRover

7 years ago#8
^ I had read that as being tongue-in-cheek, but... I suppose I'll let him answer.

Me too, lol. I think it's just a bit of humor and nothing more. But Heroic can speak for himself, of course.

Story mode wise, I'd also say NGII is more difficult than NGS2. The Ryu story mode chapters are what I'm basing this on primarily. When you go back and forth, it makes it easier to see the difference.

On MN, both games would be tough for anyone who has never played before. I'd say NGII's difficulty spread is more balanced, in spite of being generally tougher across the board. Sure, it forces you to deal with more enemies at once and it's a tad bit faster overall. And sure, grabs in NGII require much faster reflexes to avoid. And of course, enemies will use ranged attacks more. They also stun lock more and grab more, not to mention how they use their suicide grabs on MN much more frequently than in NGS2. It's a more aggressive game in general.

To the contrary, NGS2's damage multiplier on MN is the main thing that sets it apart from the rest of its difficulty modes. One-hit kills are possible for quite a bit of the game before your health bar becomes long enough to offset it. The girls can be tough to get used to as well, so that's worth mentioning -- for MN especially. NGS2's Team Mission mode requires two players, so that's a bit tricky to compare. NGII's missions are solo only. As it stands, a few of NGS2's Team missions on UN are very, very difficult.

I like NGII's overall difficulty better. It doesn't feel artificially modified. It just feels like each mode is genuinely more difficult than the preceding one, and they are all more difficult than their NGS2 counterparts.

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