Anyone else intested in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 plus?

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User Info: SpiritRover

4 years ago#12
It's still gimped in ways that make it less "potent" compared to the original. Gore wasn't even the main issue that hurt NGS2 for me. I found the original to be superior for so many other reasons. Though most people seem to only cite blood & gore vs. purple mist as the most notable issue with NGS2.... sure the mist is removed, yet the gore in NGS2 Plus still isn't on par with original NG2. It's not even close in that department.

Eh...I'm not interested at all, to be quite honest. NGS2 and NGS2+ are not my cup of tea. Too many changes that didn't accentuate the most noteworthy aspects of the original were made.

User Info: millimayne

4 years ago#13
Purple mist was hardly the main issue with NGS2. You could still dismember people, after all.

The worst was the gimped weapon system, the removal of favorite weapons, the fewer enemies on screen, and the extremely crappy Master Ninja difficulty. Sad because I really enjoyed Sigma 1.
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User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#14
I did enjoy the new bosses in NGS2 I have to say and bringing back Marbus although he had no relevance being brought back from the dead when we saw him get vanquished into nothingness. Would be great to see him interact with the other fiends but he was there on his own accord.

The new costumes were great and bringing back Ashtar Ryus. Ryu character model looked better too.

Everything else wasn't so great.
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User Info: iron_defense

4 years ago#15
I must say I did enjoy fighting Marbus over the armadillos.
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