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User Info: Questioner7311

4 years ago#1
I'm familiar with the NG terminology and I like to watch lots of gameplay of this series (mostly for NGS2 though). I've played the original NG and NGS2, at least on Normal/Warrior. I knew this version had more enemies on screen, but man it's overwhelming me. I'm on Chapter 4 (Warrior) and I have the DS (Lvl 2), Falcon's Talons (Lvl 2) and Lunar (Lvl 3). I'm not too sure what moves to use effectively for each enemy. I use the Guillotine Throw to space them out and use the Counter to my advantage. Archer ninjas are a pain when you need to shoot them with the bow. Should I charge my bow at all or just keep shooting arrows? Those giant Imps take out a lot of my health in a flash. They also grab a lot.
Any other tips that can help me? Thanks
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User Info: provett

4 years ago#2
For the archers, don't charge normally. Kill the first one, then do onlanding ET/UT with the essence to kill/damage the rest.

I don't know if others will agree, but don't counter. I found that in NG2, counter is incredibly gimped. In fact, most of my playthroughs was done without a single counter. It's better to attack outright, and dodge incoming attacks via dodge/Iframes. When you can't without getting hit, block a bit.

For the pink demons, I generally take one out with combos, then do an Lunar 360ET/360UT to kill the rest.
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User Info: gamingdutchman

4 years ago#3
I'll try to give some weapon and enemy specfic advise.

DS archers:
Dashing diagonally helps closing in the gap;
FS helps closing in the gap.
After a FS, you're usually behind one. You can do a bunch of things:
--> XYXXXY (ID) this will kill one, possibly damage another, but leaves you vulnerable at the landing;
--> XYX(X)(X) OL Y this will cancel ID and grant OL status, after which you can do an ET/UT or decapitating slash (Y)
--> immediately after connecting with a FS, before landing, you can go into OL status. Do either a decapitating slash(Y) (forgot name), ET or UT.

FT archers:
(A+X) YXY (ID) is pretty much all you need. Rinse repeat.
-->Y, Y(OT) is another good way to get rid of delimbable enemies.

LS archers:
(A+X) XXY (ID) can kill them, but connecting is relatively difficult.
Another good way is 360 Y/ET/UT, because of i-frames.
XXY Y(OT) if you have more time.

Ofcourse, GT will combine with all weapons and should be used intelligently!

DS fiends:
FS x 2 Y (OT)
-->XX Y(OT)

FT fiends:
-->Y Y(OT)

LS fiends:
360 ET/UT/Y

These moves are most effective.
About countering, I would only use it if you're confident and know what your follow up will be. Countering can be really useful. One of my favorites is DS XY, which will hit a lot of enemies at once.

Good luck!!
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User Info: mn_Marsbar

4 years ago#4
Maybe not so useful against archers, but the bow will auto aim if you don't touch the stick while you press B. You can also build up to a Bow UT while auto aiming if you press and hold the B until charged then let go. This is super useful for a couple encounters.

Some encounters have a safe spot you can "Snipe" from with the bow. Generally you have to park yourself right at the edge of a corner and inch Ryu till you can just see the enemy.

Use your shiruken to distract an archer til you can get close enough to Flying Swallow him...or whatever you want to do to him.

If you hold block Ryu will block an arrow at least once. I think he gets guard broken and the next arrow will "ping" him.

Sorry if you already know this. So much of this stuff is common knowledge to NG players...but you never know.

GamingDutchman is a good player and gave really good advice.

User Info: Questioner7311

4 years ago#5
Thanks guys! It helped a lot.
Any tactics against dogs too? They got really annoying to fight normally, so I just spammed 360 UT with the LS.
Also, any tips on shuriken cancelling? I suppose I should do a move that would probably delimb someone (I guess XX for most weapons) throw a shuriken and OT? Any moves that are used often with shuriken cancelling?
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Old memories seldom fade and bad habits die hard

User Info: mn_Marsbar

4 years ago#6
I always use Lunar 360Y against the dogs. The Dragon Sword 360Y works well, also the Dragon Sword Flying Swallow. But the Lunar is the best. The dogs are just so annoying and not that fun so I just get through them as fast as I can.

Shiruken cancel is not as important in NG2 as is it was in NGB, imo. But...X, X, Y, B, Y with either the Dragon Sword or the Lunar is a really good combo. Works really well against ninja and purple van gelfs.

Another really good combo is >Y, Y using the Claws. I think the claws need to be Lvl. 2 or better, but I can't remember. Against ninja or troopers and van gelfs it is almost always an instant kill. The first>Y dellimbs and the second Y OTs. OT's have a lot of invincibility frames which is good.

If you jump then toss a shiruken, it will keep Ryu from sticking to a wall. Very helpful when you are fighting in a tunnel or hallway. You will have to play around with it to see if it is useful for you.

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