All Purpose Custom Stages Thread V2

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User Info: 138hpl

8 years ago#41
^ Tell us what you think of it once you have it. I doubt I'll ever get to play it, but I am interested in it since I love this game so much.

User Info: an_absentfriend

8 years ago#42
Has anybody tried to create the original stages from the DC version of Bangai-o. I think it would be cool to be able to play the game on NDS since I haven't played the Original.

I'm sure it would be possible to recreate some of the levels but you'd have to probably have to make some big modifications to make most of them work. I'm sure a creative person could do a decent job, but a lot of the stages really wouldn't be the same.

If you're a fan of Spirits, you're better off to just try and get the DC game. While it's somewhat different, it's a really fun game that has great core mechanics and some of the best level design I've ever seen in a 2D game.
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User Info: kchant

8 years ago#43
Maybe stages were close to the DC version that would be great. I not that picky on getting close to the original as possible. I seen some of the stages for the DC version on YouTube and it looks possible. I'm really not looking for a miracle. I'm just looking to be able to play a few DC Bangai-o stages on the DS. Besides I don't have the money to fork over to buy a DC and the game. Now I wished I never have gotten rid of me DC {: (
Bangai-O A GO-GO

User Info: mokona7

8 years ago#44
Yikes! I haven't forgotten you guys, don't worry! (not that it was entirely noticed that I've been gone)

Wow, Disgaea DS is addicting... I almost forgot that I had a bunch of stages ready to be uploaded. And, as usual, I encourage you all to dabble and see if there are any interesting ones.

And for the sake of humanity, I just want to say: send me a friendly message or a comment if a level isn't working. I had a bit of a stalker/rager going through my videos and complaining about Sound Load not working.... even if it was on stages that have been thoroughly tested. Bah.... sometimes people just try once, fail, and blame the creator. Granted, I've messed up one or two uploads before but I'm a little more careful now.
Bangai-O Spirits level maker

User Info: MYNISTA

8 years ago#45

I finally got my first two levels up and ready for play.


-The Heavenly War

They are avaialable on my blog at

Feed back and replays are appreciated! (Reply to my blog post). Thanks!

User Info: MYNISTA

8 years ago#46

I was informed that my sound level was really low for my levels. This has been fixed! Enjoy!

User Info: 138hpl

8 years ago#47
Hmm, I think this thread needs to be bumped and revived. Anybody been working on new levels lately? I'll be putting up one or two new ones soon.

User Info: HugeRobot

8 years ago#48

If it weren't for Disgaea, I would definitely have posted some more by now.

At least, it seems, I am not the only one.

User Info: EskimoMario550

8 years ago#49
The MOTHER3 Fan Translation has absorbed my life...I will post some more stages though, eventually....
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User Info: Zwei_Thanatos

8 years ago#50
Here's all of my custom stages so far. (and a replay or two) Enjoy.
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