Fruit Temple EX

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User Info: ReNeentendo

7 years ago#1
Hey! lol, it feels strangely fine shouting greetings to a practically desserted board...

anyway. I just finished a my second Custom Level

It is called Fruit Temple EX.

If you re-read its name, you will probably figure out what the Temple is about.

I made so it will hold some surprises for you.

The challenge comes not, necessarily, from finishing the Level, but from doing so with the highest score possible.

It is possible to max out the score the game can produce.

Have fun ,here is a pic of the map and the purpose of it is to show you that I indeed have created them. Right now I am gonna upload the files to youtube.


User Info: Aether Knight

Aether Knight
7 years ago#2
...Yeah this board is very ghost town-like but welcome anyways I suppose. Haven't been here in a few months but I occasionally drop in and see if this board gets a second life. I'm still making levels based on NES world levels (done with 20 of them atm) I would'nt mind trying your temple out but I can't get any levels off of youtube properly. (goes to 99% then fails) You should try uploading them on a mp3/wav streaming and downloading site like soundclick. I can get the ones off of there about 50% of the time...more often if I download them...
erutangis siht gnidaer yb efil ym fo sdnoces detsaw tsuj I

User Info: ReNeentendo

7 years ago#3
Hey it is great to speak with you.

I tried downloading your NES levels but I couldnt get them working. i will have to try again.

By the way, I have just uploaded the Forest Temple EX. You can find it here:

I hope you like the site and I hope we can fuel the interest for this amazing game again.


User Info: Aether Knight

Aether Knight
7 years ago#4
Okay then. I tried downloading your Forest temple stage here...
But as from all youtube downloads, I can get it to 99%, then fails. Not sure why. Your file is somewhat loud though. I tested mine pretty thoroughly and sent them back to my DS with no problem. what errors are you getting with mine?

(p.s. you must have a fairly large level as its clocked at 41 seconds. My largest I think was 26 seconds long...)
erutangis siht gnidaer yb efil ym fo sdnoces detsaw tsuj I

User Info: mrsmr2

7 years ago#5
Thanks for posting.

Unfortunately, I just can't get it to load. I get to 99% and then it asks me to be in a quieter environment.

User Info: ReNeentendo

7 years ago#6
Alright everybody, thank you very much for the feedback. Indeed I also tested the file last night and it does get to 99 and then dies.

I will re record the level again tonight. I have finally gotten the cable so the recording will be flawless. I will upload it tonight or tomorrow before mid day.

Indeed it is a pretty long level. Before the final tweaks it had reached 38 seconds and during a couple of minutes I intentionally tried seeing if I could make it evfen longer.... and I couldnt... So i forgot about that and just continued my final adjustments.

in the end, every object point was used. and It became a 40 second Sound File, I was impressed.

The fruit temple EX is 26 seconds long, yet it is crammed to the brim with... stuff, you will see.

I am working on a fire Temple and a Shadow temple.

I have been experimenting with lasers and white blocks that block them, pretty amazing stuff can be pulled off I tell you.

Catch you soon!

User Info: ReNeentendo

7 years ago#7
Hey gang, I indeed have internet right now, BUT I DIDNT FRIGGING BRING MY DS!

I will upload both, Forest Temple and Fruit Temple before monday's afternoon.

Cheers everyone.

if any of you guys want clearance to upload levels, just email me at reneponcecarrillo at gmail dot com and I will add you as contributors.

User Info: ReNeentendo

7 years ago#8
Well, I just do not know what is going on.

I just rerecorded the sound file for my level Forest Temple USING THE CABLE. So it should load no problem.

The thing is I cant load it to my DS!!!!

i DO NOT KNOW WHY. hmm, it is kinda frustrating... I will try modyifing say, the color and saving it to another slot and try recording it.

also I will just now do the test with the Fruit Temple EX level.

I will let you know

User Info: Lolo_knight

7 years ago#9
I noticed from other topic tht ur mexican aswell ,^^. It's nice 2 find another one here im from DF. hope you can get the saving done i wish 2 play ur lvl ill be lurking around here 2 c if u got it done G luck =].
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