Has anyone bought this game?

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User Info: JoeyDfromtheAZ

9 years ago#1
I have it and I'm looking for people to play online, if you'd like to start playing. Or if you have any question about the game at all I'll be glad to answer.

User Info: BadBoY_AC

9 years ago#2
yea just got them game today.. we'll see ^^ looking forward to it

User Info: Vesperas

9 years ago#3
I do... but I doubt a lot of GameFAQs people play poker...
"When the times seem too pleasant, I prefer to call it with destiny."

User Info: poporat

9 years ago#4
I'll be getting it soon....so Ill let you know so we can play online.

User Info: ihd2

9 years ago#5
I bought it last sunday, when I bought my PSP Slim. I was looking to buy the game for my DS but the DS version doesnothave online support.

User Info: Number23rulz

9 years ago#6
Is the AI good?
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User Info: JoeyDfromtheAZ

9 years ago#7
Personally i think the AI is too good at times.

for example you'll be holding A K and everyone will fold except for one player whos holding Q 4 and gets luck on the turn and river hitting a Q and a 4

This has happened to me all to often- Having your opponent dominated pre and post flop, only to be suckered out on the turn or river.

Ive also noticed that the computer is more willing to "play with itself"


You'll bet 120preflop and every one will fold (except for one or 2 people) while when the computer bets something like 450 pre flop-- EVERYONE calls

But i've yet to see "bad" AI in the game

User Info: redstapler07

9 years ago#8
well usually if you are chip leader at the table you can start betting for example if one has 1222 then go to 1500 and they usually fold it is cheap but that usually happens alot

User Info: EspicaGF

9 years ago#9
I'm interested on this game. If enough people are on from here we can have some matches in the afternoon/evening :)

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