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User Info: scorpitor

9 years ago#1
Do loads of ppl play online? am thinking of getting this game.
Whats the average number?
Last of the dying breed

User Info: ihd2

9 years ago#2

I have checked for online games five times.

3 times fond no games at all.

one time found one game running.

and one time found three games running.

Most of these checks where between 7pm to midnight, one time I try mid day and found none.

So no there are not alot of online PSP players of the game. But I do think the offline mode of the game is worth the price if you have an intrest in porker.

User Info: greedyg

9 years ago#3

I am online as Donwun, i've played about 3 online games and have seen someone called Topcat

i live in london btw...i wonder how many servers this game holds?

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