tuba 2nd fight

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User Info: mickey5252

8 years ago#1
ok all my charaters are lvl 18 underleved yes or no?

2nd can viola really get 60000 in one turn.

and last ive tried this fight or 9 times. lvling takes forever and which is best to grind right now.

User Info: SoulTrapper

8 years ago#2
Encore or first time?
In any case, get viola to shoot from far away and try for headshots. Let the others take the damage and run around so he has less action time. Keep blocking and this will be over pretty quick
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User Info: mickey5252

8 years ago#3
ok am i underleveled dont know .

and can you control viola bow target?

User Info: MeNoSeeGood

8 years ago#4
Let's see...

I used Retto, Beat (mandatory), and Viola...all about lvl 16 or so, so I don't think you're underleveled at all. What I did was spread them all out in a triangle so Tuba could only attack one at a time (try to keep him on Retto).

You can control Viola's bow shots but make sure you are relatively facing the target or else she'll start punching instead of bringing up the aiming screen. And aim a little higher than you would expect because the arrows fall as they fly farther.
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User Info: Grammar_man

8 years ago#5
I beat him with a level 13 viola, 14 beat, and 17 Salsa, with their worst possible equipment. He's still a big pushover.

Unless it's encore, in which case he's a bit tougher.
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