tuba, second fight (again and again and again)

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User Info: TenFootBrett

8 years ago#1
I've searched this on the forum and found a bunch of other posts, but I'm jammed here. I'm seriously ready to throw this game off of a cliff. Nothing I do seems to matter. The fight will go pretty well for around 10 minutes, and I'll just keep chipping away and chipping away, but eventually he will one-hit-kill at least one of my party members, and sometimes 2, since his splash damage on a couple of those attacks has a ridiculous range.
I've tried at least 10 times by now, and the same thing happens every time. I'm between levels 18 and 20 with my characters, and I've been moving Polka and Allegretto in along with Beat (mandatory). I just have Polka hammer away with Earth Heal while Beat shoots uselessly from a distance. Retto is always up front doing around 10K in damage every turn, but that's not nearly enough.
I've heard that Viola can do some obscene damage, but I don't know how to make that happen, and her Heal Arrow is 100% useless, especially when I'm too busy reeling with Earth Heal to build up any echoes. Retto will be dead or almost dead after a 2-rounds-in-a-row run from Tuba.

So what's your advice? I really love the graphics, the storyline, everything. But I can only take so much, and this is getting ridiculous. I refuse to sit and grind for 12 hours, especially since the only area available for levelling is the road to Forte, which is at best 700XP per battle.

on another note, I hear the XBox version is way easier, and after watching a youtube video of the fight I'm stuck on, I'm inclined to agree. Tuba is far less likely to get a double turn, and the person on youtube just swarmed him with Polka and Salsa of all characters, and never once dipped below 3/4 full HP with either character. Even when I succesfully guard his attacks, I'm down at LEAST to half HP. Anyways, why on earth would they make the PS3 version harder? it makes absolutely no sense to me. ugh, I'm sorry. I'm so frustrated I can barely think straight. I've never *NEVER* been this stuck in an RPG.

User Info: omegaevolution

8 years ago#2
I would suggest a change in the party.

I used Viola, Retto and the mandatory Beat.

keep Viola as far away from Tuba as possible and headshot him, her arrows deal a good chunck of damage from afar. Beat should just fire ranged with normal attacks from afar as well (So Tuba's gigantic slam doesn't hit him), even though it will do almost no damage to him, you will still win around 12 echoes and save those for Retto who will keep Tuba busy. Also its a good idea to quickly use heal arrow when Viola's turn ends (mash the special attack like crazy while you headshot him when her turn ends), that way you will deal a lot of damage and heal as well.

of course have a a full stocked item set with angel trumpets.

I really can't say how much this will work without party level 6 (yeah I just went right away to encore mode with Party lv 6 with a friend's save file) but my party was around 18-20 as well and we all know encore means much more attack power for Tuba... so one thing for another I guess lol

he is beatable, you just have to guard everything and play smart with your echoes.
Hope that helps.
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User Info: TenFootBrett

8 years ago#3
Yeah, I got it.

The trick for me was to use Viola of course. I just wasn't aware of how to use her effectively. sitting back and aiming for a headshot was my problem with using Viola. if you just spam x button attacks and then hit a triangle for heal arrow as the timer runs out, it should turn out to be a pretty easy fight. she does such an insane amount of damage. holy hell. that's the last time I hit a comfort zone with the first few characters i run across in an rpg. viola is a monstress.

regarding the reply, thanks for the help, i appreciate it. and just to clarify, i'm pretty sure my biggest problem was blocking.. I could NOT block that gigantic slam attack, and that one's a killer. despite doing 20K+ damage with viola every round, I still finished with retto knocked right out, and I spent the entire battle with retto and beat running to the corners while viola attacked. total pansy move, but hey, if I didn't win that round, I might've just flat out quit playing. I get way too frustrated with video games.

User Info: CloudSith5060

8 years ago#4
Yeah, Viola makes the early game a joke.
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User Info: Echo738

8 years ago#5
Yeah, if you're using Earth Heal instead of Heal Arrow, you're doing something wrong. EH is stronger, but HA hits all party members. Much, much better. Not only that, her arrows are just completely broken. There's no reason not to use her when you have the option. Boot Polka out of there and swap Viola in.
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User Info: vihena

8 years ago#6
The best tactic against any boss, is to use Fredrick if he's available, and equip him with Mirage Blow. Have him use it on the enemy consecutively (you can do 3 to 4 per round) to lower the boss's attack power. It makes the fights incredibly easy after that.

You may think that since the fight is outdoors, you'll have to lure Tuba into a shadow area, but you don't. Tuba himself casts a rather large shadow - enough for you to Mirage Blow him to hell.

Use Viola at long range with Holy Strike, and shift for Heal Arrow when necessary.

Beat should also keep his distance and just keep shooting.

Don't bother saving up echos. Just keep this pattern up, and Tuba will go down.
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