List of all known Skill Points

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9 years ago#1
I have put all the skill points in a list so that it is easier to read

[ ] Furious Fists of Fury (Boltaire Museum): Use only your melee attacks to complete the level.
[ ] Silent Night (Boltaire Museum, Clank): Take down every guard in the museum using stealth takedowns.
[ ] Pyrrhic Victory (Boltaire Museum, Clank): ?????????????????????????
[ ] Triple Platinum Record (Boltaire Museum, Clank): Get through the whole (rhythm) segment without missing any button presses.
[ ] Stainless Steel (Planet Galattica, Ratchet): ?????????????????????????
[ ] Playing With Fire (Planet Galattica, Ratchet): Kill 5 enemies by running them into Lizard Thug Molotov cocktails.
[ ] Speed Demon (Asyanica, Gadgebots): Complete the rescue clank cahllenge in 1 min 25 secs.
[ ] Robot Finds Ninja (Asyanica, Clank): Get all possible stealth kills in the level.
[ ] Perfect Chrome Finish (Asyanica, Gadgebot): Complete the Rescue Clank! challenge without any Gadgebot taking damage.
[ ] Black Tie Affair (Asyanica, Clank): Get through the level defeating all enemies with the Tie-A-Rang.
[ ] Like The Wind (Asyanica, Clank): Get through without getting hit by anything.
[ ] Inverse Ninja Law (Asyanica, Quark): Kill 99 ninjas during the fight.
[ ] Blaster Overload (Asyanica, Quark) Beat the boss without using the regular blaster.
[ ] Perfect Tango (Glaciara, Clank): Don't miss a single button.
[ ] Black Diamond (Glaciara, Snowboard Clank): Hit no Obstacles; Enemy projectiles do not count.
[ ] Smooth Moves (Glaciara, Snowboard Clank): Cause at least 15 enemies to get killed by their friends.
[ ] Ringleader (Glaciara, Snowboard Clank): Collect all the rings in the Go For The Gold ring challenge.
[ ] Empty the Warrens (Prison Planet, Cafeteria): Kill over 89 Tyhrranoids in the Tyrranoid Recycling challenges
[ ] Antaeus (Prison Planet, Cafeteria): Beat the Mega-Challenge without jumping.
[ ] Master of Disguise (Rionosis, Clank): Use every disguise station when the Kingpin gets suspuscious.
[ ] Trash Talk (Rionosis, Clank): Use the trash cans to lure out and kill all the Henchmen.
[ ] Deadly Hands (Rionosis, Clank): Dispatch all of the Kingpin's Guards before he reaches the fourth tourist cart.
[ ] Steel Rain (Rionosis, Clank): Send at least 10 henchbots off the gondolas into the open blue.
[ ] 52 Card Pickup (Rionosis, Quark): Finish off Jack using only cards, not bombs, Punches okay.
[ ] Dress for Success (Rionosis, Quark): Get Jack to hit himself with three of his own hats.
[ ] Beat The House (Les Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] Indian Burn (Prison Planet, Exercise Yard): Kill 10 enemies with dodgeballs.
[ ] The Law Can't Touch Me (Prison Planet, Exercise Yard): Complete the Mega Challenge and never get struck by the yard guns.
[ ] Lucky Sevens (Les Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] A Gadgebot Stands Alone (Les Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino, Gadgebot): Never use the revive command in either of the Gadgetbot arenas.
[ ] All Slime must burn (Secret Laboratory Venantanio, Clank): Complete the level killing amoboids usiing only melee attacks and the Suitcase Flamethrower.
[ ] Ramming Speed (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] Evasive Maneuvers (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] Deep Six (Canals, Venantonio, Boat Clank): Don't get hit by seeking mines.
[ ] Wake Of Destruction (Canals, Venantonio, Boat Clank): Destroy everything, bridges, tunnels cover, et cetera.


9 years ago#2
[ ] Ringmaster (Canals, Venantonio, Boat Clank): Collect all the rings in the Threading the needle challenge.
[ ] Twinkle Toes (Venantonio, Quark): Get a 5-chain butterfly bounces without touching the stage.
[ ] Magnum Opus (Venantonio, Quark): Beat the entire opera without getting hit.
[ ] Sold Out (Venantonio, Quark): Get 150,00 box office sales.
[ ] With Interest (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] Androids In Disguise (?????, ?????): kill 2 Doppelgangers while disguised as a Doppelganger.
[ ] Vault Vault (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] El Dia de los Muertos (Fort Sprocket, Gadgebot): Get a Static Midge helmet on all three Gadgebots at once.
[ ] Ruba-Dub Club (Prison Planet, Showers): Use the wrench to kill the Amebiod King.
[ ] Modesty (Prison Planet, Showers): Don't lose your towel during the mega challenge.
[ ] It's A Delicacy Somewhere (Spaceship Graveyard, Clank): Blow up every mature organic spore in the level.
[ ] Punchy (Spaceship Graveyard, Quark): Destroy all pirates using only punches.
[ ] Sour Victory (Spaceship Graveyard, Quark): Kill the Kudzu Monster using only lemons.
[ ] Min Maxing (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] I Kill The Rock (The Quasar Fields, Giant Clank): Kill all 3 Mega Rock class dreadnoughts.
[ ] Whip it Good (Prison Planet, Jail Break): Get 40 kills with the Plasma Whip.
[ ] Hanging Judge (Prison Planet, Jail Break): Beat the main challenge without letting any prisoners escape.
[ ] Yeeee Haaaaaw! (Hydrano, Car Clank): Perform a roll off of a cliff.
[ ] Offensive Driver (Hydrano, Car Clank): Complete timed challenge w/ at least 60 sec remaining.
[ ] Slippery Slope (Hydrano, Car Clank): Hit at least 5 oil slicks on a single life.
[ ] Ring Around The Rosie (Hydrano, Clank): Collect all the rings in the Driving Test ring challenge.
[ ] He Cleans Pools,Too! (Hydrano, Quark): Kill 20 Enemies With A Single Lawnmower.
[ ] Perfect Mirror (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] Cereal Decoder Ring (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] 133t h4xx0r (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] Rust Proof (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] I'm Not There (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
[ ] Turn the Tables (Underwater Base, Clank): Complete at least 4 successful takedowns on Klunk and never get taken down yourself.
[ ] A Pretty Good Likeness (?????, ?????): ?????????????????????????
"Man how to people figure this stuff out? A rubber band on the R button." - HYPERMECHA

User Info: linnung

9 years ago#3
Well done cheese!
"No mercy for the weak, no pity for the dying, no tears for the slain."


9 years ago#4
Thanks, also the "[ ]" in front of each one is because I originally made this as a checklist.
"Man how to people figure this stuff out? A rubber band on the R button." - HYPERMECHA

User Info: newdarkcloud

9 years ago#5
Pyrrhic Victory: Get damaged in only the very last segment (Boltaire Rythum Challage)

User Info: Drake_Master

9 years ago#6
"Androids in Disguise" is found in fort sprocket.
rust proof: don't fall in the water, ever.

User Info: JKiii

9 years ago#7
Quick Question: What's the Planet Galattica? Is that the treehouse?, the 1st arena of the Prison Planet? (Stainless Steel and Playing with fire Skill points)

User Info: n0m4ds0ul

9 years ago#8
Planet Galattica is the prison planet. It is the first time you play as Ratchet.

Also, I'm currently making a FAQ to make these Skill Points a bit more known outside of just the boards, so if anyone has any strategies or anything they would like to see in it, please let me know.

Of course, all of you who have posted skill points, in the previous skill point thread and in this one, have been mentioned.

User Info: ktiger34

9 years ago#9
you missed one skill point...

Revenant (Spaceship Graveyard, ?????): ?????????????????????????

User Info: n0m4ds0ul

9 years ago#10
Another new one

Secret Laboratory, Venantonio

Ramming Speed! - Kill 10 amoeboids by ramming a small engine box into them.

They're those floating platforms you can punch around, just punch them against the amoeboids.

Hope this will help everyone get a more complete skill point list.
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