Best weapon to use throughout impossible mode?

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User Info: DieForDixie

9 years ago#1
The Line Gun is pretty useful but I don't know how well it would work on bosses, I used the pulse rifle throughout my first play through (medium) and even fully upgraded I wasn't too Impressed.
What are your thoughts?

User Info: Scion_of_Bacon

9 years ago#2
My thoughts are a cliche on this board, actually, but I'd have to say the Plasma Cutter is the most versatile, even though the Line Gun is by far my favorite weapon.

User Info: DarkLord63

9 years ago#3
Well I did the One Gun achievement during my impossible run so the plasma cutter works. There were some time however where I was wishing I had a pulse rifle or line cutter due to multiple enemies attacking from all directions.
You know you play too much Halo when you hear that there's a flood warning in your area and go straight for the shotgun.-Ireth

User Info: slayne86

9 years ago#4
plasma cutter or line gun is all u need.

User Info: quinntendopower

9 years ago#5
i used the plasma cutter on my first and 2nd playthroughs, for hard and impossible.

i didn't even use any new guns until this 2nd round on impossible, trying to get the "max out everything" achievement. i must say, on impossible anyway, the only gun that is any good other then the cutter is the line guns 2ndary fire. i like to use stasis then use the 2ndary fire to clean it up.

the only other scenario another gun comes in handy, is the pulse rifle for the tentacles that grab you in the hallways, and i plan on using it on the last boss when he grabs you

all in all, the cutter provides the most efficient, cheapest to operate weapon you can use, both long range and short range.

User Info: BoomBoyGTI

9 years ago#6
What about the force gun? Is it worth to buy and use it in the impossible mode?
Why so silly?

User Info: ResidentGear31

9 years ago#7
The only guns i would recommend are the plasma cutter, line gun, and contact beam.

User Info: rentalunit

9 years ago#8
Plasma cutter is always a definite as a fall-back weapon. The fully upgraded Line Gun it just an awesome weapon to use as much as possible. Really hacks baddies apart.

User Info: x_lone_x_wolf_x

9 years ago#9
Are the other weapons really that bad? I've just got to the point where I can use every gun. The flamethrower just doesnt seem like its doing anything. The ripper feels too weak to me. I like the line gun but it doesnt have much ammo and uses up too quickly. The pulse rifle feels too weak. The only gun I really use is the Plasma Cutter and I just use the others when I run out of plasma energy.

User Info: gfrasfs

9 years ago#10
my first playthrough was on medium with only the plasma cutter for the one gun achievement. next i was going to play impossible...i'm a little amused and disappointed to find that it looks like i'll just be doing a lot more plasma cutting, ha ha.
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