Disney Town treasure help

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User Info: WarZengar

7 years ago#1
On my Ven run i'm just going around getting all the treasure before finishing the story, but there's one particular treasure i can't find in Disney Town, it's the third on the list in the Reports section.
Have been checking every area over and over for the past hour now and it's driving me insane :(

User Info: ajmrowland

7 years ago#2
there's a manhole in the main plaza that takes you to an underground area where (I assume) you have to Thundaga the generator to get the treasures.

User Info: Aputi

7 years ago#3
If you're missing one then that means you already know about the secret area, yea?

If so then there are some treasures you can miss.

1. There is one all the way top of the pinball machine, it's to the right and it's a purple area
2. There is a treasure right before you head outside in the pinball area, it's to the left.
3. You have to hit 4 blue pinball things to unlock the middle room in the pinball area.
4. Outside, where you enter from option 2, you'll see ledge far away, you can glide over there with Ven.

User Info: starrk

7 years ago#4
The bigger the lie, the more they believe.

User Info: WarZengar

7 years ago#5
Thanks a lot, found it, it was #4 of those :D
Pretty tricky to spot.
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