Having some serious issues with Mysterious Figure

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User Info: hydercad

4 years ago#1
So I've finally done everything in the game except beat Mysterious Figure with Aqua. He and Lingering Spirit were basically no problem for Terra and Ven, and LS was easy with Aqua. But now I get to Mysterious Figure with her and it's impossible for me. I've been having some serious problems and I don't know if it's my PSP breaking or the game isn't working right anymore or something else, so does anyone have any suggestions?

First, rolling now has about a 50% chance of making me invincible. Yes, I'm spamming roll and yes, I roll continuously, so it's not a problem with my Square button registering the button press. I've found that changing directions (or running into a wall and having that change my direction) or changing my current command causes me to get hit every single time.

Secondly, MF is casting Doom about 1 in every 3 moves. He always starts with it and usually follows up with another one immediately. I've watched videos where he casts it fairly rarely, but I often count up to 8 casts before I can even get him down to half health. I've tried this fight easily over 100 times by now and this has not changed. He also only uses the X-Fire attack when he clones himself, never when he is by himself. I don't know why these two moves seem to have been switched in terms of rarity. It shouldn't be too bad, since Doom is easy to avoid, block, or attack through, but the problem is that rolling does not stop it from hitting me anymore, and if I stop to block or attack, he immediately uses it again and I can't do anything to avoid it this time. Each successive time he uses Doom, the initial counter starts at a lower number so by the time it starts at 3, it becomes impossible to break out of.

Anyone have any help? Leveling higher has made these issues become more pronounced for some reason, and I really just want to be done with this game at this point, so I would really rather not grind up to level 99.

User Info: xfyrenx

4 years ago#2
Are you sure you're using the regular cartwheel? Also, one theory (don't know if it was ever disproven or not) was that the more abilities you have equipped, the more he'll use Doom.
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User Info: hydercad

4 years ago#3
Yeah it's the regular cartwheel and I have just the important abilities equipped. I've also tried using every ability, using no abilities, and trying a few different combinations of abilities but it doesn't seem to change how often he uses it.

User Info: WayToTheVoid

4 years ago#4
use my strat
(message deleted)

User Info: anglish_muffin

3 years ago#6
I've only beaten MF with Ventus, haven't attempted with Aqua or Terra.

IIRC, Dodgeroll/cartwheel + thunder/fire surge + curaga + patience. (This was with Ventus, Aqua might have a more efficient strategy?)

Took me around 50 tries before I beat him.
Leveling up will only be useful for your attacks and depleting MF's HP. Most of MF's attacks will 1-2 KO hit you so defense isn't really a big deal in terms of beating him, so it's good to equip the ability which won't KO you when you're constantly getting hit by combos. I think Second Chance of Leaf Bracer? or both I can't remember.

Best of Luck.
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User Info: MahoganyTooth92

3 years ago#7
anglish_muffin posted...
it's good to equip the ability which won't KO you when you're constantly getting hit by combos. I think Second Chance of Leaf Bracer? or both I can't remember.

The ability you're referring to is actually "Once more" but both of the abilities you mentioned are also super-helpful.
Second chance prevents you from getting killed by any hit if you're not at 1hp
Once more prevents you from getting killed if your character is currently reeling from an attack
Leaf Bracer gives you invincibility while casting any cure command.
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User Info: Firemaster5

3 years ago#8
Keep the abilities simple. You don't even need combat commands (not even the Surge exploits). Make sure D-link are disabled as you're better off not using them and don't need them on if you aren't using them for a battle. The more you have on and the more complex things you have equipped, the more difficult MF gets increasing the likelihood for more devastating attacks. For healing, you only need Cure (4 that are leveled up) since w/ they can heal you enough for Second Chance to save you from massive damage that could knock Aqua out or Once More to save Aqua from an ongoing combo giving her an invincibility frame.

Shot locks can work for long range but avoid getting more than 4 hits for a charge; otherwise, MF could use Heal Block and warp time to counter. There are rare moments where you can get two regular hits, which should be use seldom. Avoid attacking MF while he's using Raging Storm, Collision Magnet, Mega Flare, enters invisibility, uses clones, lazers, or Tornado. Aqua's reflect (w/ heal) block works all around. Make sure she is equipped w/ a counter-strike to use after blocking his attacks waiting for him to finish before striking. The reflect block also works in midair- an advantage Aqua has over Terra and Ventus. Terra's dash is pretty pathetic as a move for evasion in comparison to Ventus and Aqua's.

Cartwheeling to avoid damage in one, slightly diagonal direction might work w/ the use of the camera controls. IIRC, Tornado can't be blocked.

This was similar to the strategy I used, which parts are already mentioned in some posts you might've read and be redundant. My differences were that I had Teleport spike as a finisher, photon charge as a shot-lock (kept that in this strategy also regardless of the reference), damage syphon ability, cures, air slide, homing slide, teleport, double flight, payback surge, and level 81.

You can also find his setups for Terra and Ventus. If I shared anything from my sets of tips on them in the comments section, they'd be by the username Firemasterlucky5. It could also help to seek topics from years ago using the search function on this board.
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