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User Info: goku1289a

9 years ago#1
Since this probably won't come out in the US, does anyone know (or have a guess on the likelyhood) if a US MHP2 save will transfer to a JP or International version of MHP2G?

User Info: Yomoska

9 years ago#2
It won't
Flounder of CMWABME

User Info: Deatonis

9 years ago#3
i dont see why not unless they messed with the algorithms

User Info: tingko

9 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: X_BlackDragon_X

9 years ago#5
there is no US MHP2 save.
But a MHP2 save will transfer to MHP2G.

There are also ways to transfer your MHF2 save to a MHP2 save.
MHF2:Dalton HR:6 Xtag: [LOL]BlackDragon

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